Covid something…or, first Thursday of the new year of 2023?

…oh and a new dog.


The new puppy is gone today, gone to work with my wife.

I have a moment to reflect and think about what is ahead and behind as the new year starts. I’ve been preoccupied with precious Finley.

Its a find name for a little dog, it means dragon slayer, fierce fighter in the old Irish. Of course I think I’m the only one left, the place is itchy and infested with Euro-trash and Wokesters.

Back to Finley, this little gal is one tough muffin. Can you see the determination and that fierce soul.

After lasts nights encounter with a Corsac fox, who aimed to make my $125 a pound little dog into a snack. She’s four pounds and a little sweetheart. I’ve fallen in love with her, this tiny being has breathed some life back into this old autistic man.

Forced to be the protector — on our usual “learning to pee outside and not inside” excursions. And I must say this dog has an Irish soul and learns fast. The little bitch is a genius. An Irish genius.

It was evening and dark and I had to pull the hammer back and defend, and stop foxie’s, need to eat my little dog. I dislike what I had to do, but the fox has laid out territory on what little land I own. Alone I was okay with her, she was beautiful and wild. I admired and was inspired by her freedom. But! $500 for dog that weighs four pounds, I’m afraid your gonna have a fight on your fucking hands. Besides, like I say, I’m as Irish as McGinty goat and it come natural to defend my own. And Finley is one of mine, I think we know each other from some past life. I think she was Irish wolf hound, a big gigantic bastard, some 6 feet at the withers. A Hound of the Baskervilles sort…


Every organism that has competed against its self has gone extinct. Herding is natural, flocks improve longevity and protection. Those that cannibalize their own species fail to continue on forever.

Humans are such a species — we compete against each other, not in ways that you might think I mean.

Those with intellectual capacity and the means and money to support drastic and serious change are about that at present. They believe in what they think, they truly see nature as a threat that must be controlled and contained and if need be, eliminated. They see the planet with far too many people. And they have made the decision to risk it all and eliminate a vast majority of the human population. This is not conspiracy theory, this is indeed, conspiracy fact.

A tree falls in woods and no one hears it, but a BSL-4 lab in China can host an experiment that may be, and probably is the greatest blunder, humanity has caused upon itself. It has released an chimera that should never have existed and they taught it some find tricks on how to go around an immune system that has taken possibly millions of years to develop and perfect.

Lets get something straight right of the bat (excuse the pun) about Covid vaccination. It is ‘not’ and I repeat, it is NOT a vaccine, it is, gene therapy, a new and unproven agent of supposed health. The ones that claim they are vaccines, are PEG (Polyethylene glycol) enhanced serums, carrying Trojans into the body. It is not safe, it has not been around long enough to be considered absolutely safe. It was rushed into becoming a cure, the normal period of vaccine creation was somewhere around a decade in length in the past. And there is a reason for that which I will not go into here.

“Operation Warp Speed”, produced vaccines that where quickly put together for a pandemic, which should never have been a time to vaccinate a population. And I use the term vaccine for the sake of knowing no other. Gene therapy and the nano-particle bio-engineering is new to the frontier of medicine and although the technocrats cry hallelujah at its discovery and utilization. I firmly believe it is the end of the species of man. It is the end of humans and the creation of a transhuman and technologically enhanced chimera, never seen before on planet earth. It is the creation of the anti-man.

The idiots and they know who they are; the ones with tens of billions of dollars in hands who are convinced through the religion and cult of science that the world can be remade in the creator’s image. Big online box store, OS software creators and social media technocrats along with Neurolink aficionados’, who believe the world is theirs as gods — with a little ‘g’. Are fucking the whole thing up!

The WEF subscriber yahoos who fund the research of dangerous men, who believe they have the right to hybridize a mouse with an elephant, who in there fervor to control the very knobs and switches of the great universe are on a mad track to become immortal and never ever die.

What we fear could have — with the release of a lab created virus — may indeed have happened, and it is too late, but I will agree with Bret Weinstein. That there should be no more need of vaccine intervention, leave SNAFU alone and allow what medications and means that we do have to aid and relieve the coming illness, and suffering and a shit storm of possibly monumental perspective. And what do I mean in that last statement? I mean the increase in virulence and the increase in variants of this particle virus. This virus in competition; gene driving the increasing of virulence and variants of other diseases. All this as the law of nature competes.

As a species we have gone too far. Creating competitive economics that only satisfies the wealthy and the psychopathically insane. Doctors paid to keep patients sick, instead of being paid when they make them well. Pharmaceuticals cartels and a chemicals industry that has corrupted and polluted every major organism on the planet with it foul creations.

We are a dying species on our last days; an estrogenized environment that impedes and sterilizes reproduction. Gender confusion and the transhuman experiment. Corruption of the very cells within our bodies, a corrupt, evil and psychopathic elite controlling the planet and its resources. A digital panopticon and a digital currency with a shelf life.

The politics of nonsense and no sense. Controlled by a fantastic machine and all of us pissing against the wind — we’re fucked, Totally fucked. It is only a matter of time and man will end, and be replaced by some chimera monstrosity. A diseased and psychotic motherfucker that is no longer resemblant of a human man. Bred to be controlled, in a predetermined life span as a slave. Or the elites who will be gene-rich and live forever.

Procreation ended and replaced with what the machine thinks; soon clones of Bill Gates and Elon Musk filtering out, progeny. Aspies spawned and supported by immense, and powerful and a deep as the ocean rich foundations. That will render down to some distant futuristic anti-Christ like figure controlled by a shadow government side of global control.

You think this is dark?

I haven’t told you the bad news. The war against Twitter, might see the last bastion of what could be called free speech, be neutered soon to begin with…

But hell its early, its only January 5th and the FBI, according to The Babylon Bee are reenacting January 6th again hosting another reunion, it seems the event has caught on and could quite possibly become an annual event. The usual suspects are showing themselves with some new faces about to show for some god awful reason.

Other news from the Bee says the ‘mail in vote’ count for Musk to stay on as Twitter CEO, splashed in at 57.5%, so he a keeper I guess!

Anyway, happy new year and welcome to the machine.