Jordan Peterson

…and the fight for middle ground


Jordan Peterson is a psychologist. And by their nature they seek middle ground. It doesn’t exist anymore, but they still strive for it.

Peterson is one of the Dark Web personalities, that came to celebrity and aimed to be, wittingly or not, the neutralizing factor in the beginning and ongoing cultural war. And for that fact, the world war by the PTB for your mind. He was looking for the classic liberal stand point? The middle road has always been the way.

Is Peterson a good guy? I think he feels he is, and from my point of view, I don’t really have a gripe with him. I think he is honest, down to earth, and common sense. A man of the old world, were it was okay to be a man, and now he is very much a celebrity rather than a psychologist. I think that the psychologist was given up years ago. When he decided to become what he is now, when he decided to reach more people with his broadcasts and online podcasts and lectures about everything from needles to anchors. And the books and infamous 12 rules. And 12 more, a very special number…

But it why he choose that role that matters to me. For what reason did he choose it? Or was he chosen?

I’ve bought his book back in 2018 and failed to read it…I was curious but lost interest. For me psychologists and psychiatry in general is a big fraud, a hoax leveled on man by the likes of Freud and Jung. Its like selling ice to Eskimos. And Eskimo is now a derogatory term, when in the original it was a self designation.



But Ziggy Freud went on to say…

“Psychoanalysis … should find a place among the methods whose aim is to bring about the highest ethical and intellectual development of the individual.”

— Sigmund Freud

I can almost come around to that…but not quite. I can taste rat poison in the saying, Because he said it.

Freud also said to his fiancée Martha Bernays, back then — the ancestor and aunt of Edward Bernays the pioneer in modern propaganda and public relations and marketing…

“Woe to you, my Princess, when I come… you shall see who is the stronger, a gentle girl who doesn’t eat enough or a big wild man who has cocaine in his body.” 

But then, Freud wasn’t really legitimate, Freud was a fraud. A very intelligent fraud. Who coming to America for the first time introducing what he theorized in a series of lectures at Clark University, along with Jung and Stanley Hall;  he remarked to Jung, “They don’t realize that we are bringing them the plague.”.

Strange how the Clarke lectures brought out full houses for the talks by Freud and yet was spoken in German. How far we have fallen.

And oh what a plague its been, with over 450 mental disorders. The whole place has been turned into a mental hospital, with all these special people and with many of the inmates running the fucking place.

Peterson is very much like Freud, an intellectual plague of sorts. One, as I say that has hobbled the young, when they should rage against the dying of the light. His politeness with maniacs is irritating. I am sure he believes he reaching for higher ground. But I’m afraid he was only a neutralizing factor in the ongoing cultural war. He neutered millions of young men who were enraged at the signs of the times and the growing nonsense from women and feminism, a disease of a woman’s soul; the ‘new normal’ population in general. The inmates running the asylum…

The confused sexual landscape of the developing modern wokeness. Gender dysphoria a latent and general term for sexual weirdos, who won’t admit it, and their 72 flavors of gender. The growing autism, which will soon engulf all of mankind.

Never taking in to consideration that the estrogenized environment and falling testosterone levels and sperm count were a purposeful crime against young men. They had a right to rage. And Peterson is stupid of such truths. Or is he?

He was/is part of that Dark Web philosophy, whose membership like Steven Pinker, the Weinsteins, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Heather Heying, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Michael Shermer. All celebrity neutralizers, all with overly comfortable lives, the chosen who will guard that particular gate. Who professed against the rage? I heard Bret Weinstein the other day on Rogan state we need to forgive them. We need to bring a calm to the Covid rage, really? Fuck them. They all deserve jail. Atheists among them who consider themselves ahead of the still, spiritually connected as hypocrites, who are strangely more pious than the original Christian brass. The Shermer and Harris irritant voices? I have tired of hearing almost immediately as they spoke. Atheism, skepticism?

Peterson, is influenced by the usual suspects and a few sound Russians thrown in, and has been considered up until recent times as I say a classic Canadian Liberal. Peterson did work for the UN and I suspect a social engineer at work every time he speaks publicly. Executive coaching for larger operations of the machine, helping others in the quest for the precise candidate for the job in what he calls a technology incubator. Some 30,000 he has helped? His work for the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Sustainable Development, was in an admitted editing of a specific document. Embedding a narrative within the gobbledygook structure of “ideological clap trap”. How long did he work for the UN’s social engineering agenda? From the document, what could be considered, that Peterson took a writing job, or was involved in the globalist technocratic ideology of the UN. Is Peterson a globalist? Is he trustworthy? The answer is yes and no.

But is Jordan Peterson a bad person?

I don’t think so, and I do believe that he has believed in a system naively and sometimes even gullibly. Is he gullible, no, but sometimes — him being on the spectrum, does not allow for the real truth to seep through to the very depths, and he is caught in genuine innocence. Not completely in belief of God, he hesitates far too much. The man is guilty of feeling something for the times and humanity in general. Sometimes feeling too much. At times I have felt he is a disgruntled and reluctant priest. And I don’t mind that… Any and anybody who knows Christ words, knows he exclaimed to the sons of God. “Stand up and walk like me.” I consider myself one them. And I don’t care if you took that last statement wrong or not. But I don’t believe Jordan Peterson speaks in that kind of light.

There are bad actors out there, that want to burn it down, for just that reason. Evil, despicable, soul barren and spiritless people. 

A coward under the name @gmbutts, a obvious troll seems to me to one of those that, won’t leave Peterson alone. Mr Butts a idiot who couldn’t find his ass with a flashlight actually believes we are over populated here on planet earth, if you can be believe it. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

And all this, seems to me to be an arranged public canceling, and is determinant of making an example of those that oppose the riff raff that run the country Canada, and spend there waking hours meddling in the lives of people they hate.

Or maybe Peterson is tired and wants out, a public canceling could put him on the Island with Elvis and Jimmy Morrison.

Justin Trudeau is WEF puppet dictator. So anything Peterson could or would say is polite compared to what should be said of this bastard. That Peterson can see how damaged this particular Manchurian is, is of no wealth to anybody.

 Its obvious to those that see and think critically. We know we live in a dictatorship, we as Canadians allowed it happen and are gutless to rise to revolution.

These assholes who Twitter all day long, on the subject of, “I don’t like this and I don’t like that”, never gaining any ground with a solution or the means to arrive at the real truth of the point, but worldly they feel and except what is ephemeral. They are the bitching Woke.

Butts being an exception to the rule, as it is obvious in his tweets that he has a, personal hatred of Jordan Peterson and what he stands for, a vindictive troll personage that should not even be included in the Ontario College of Psychologists complaint. Of course if the board feels Mr Butts is mentally ill, then I can understand why he is included. And reading his tweets from that stand point one might conclude that he is indeed mentally unsound. He definitely has not thought out what he says and believes.

This message goes out to all professionals — you have no private life, we are watching you all the time and if need be, we will, cancel you. And you will only be reinstated after the proper education, on the proper language of social media. And if they can do to Jordan Peterson, then they can do it to you, they have no worry of the woke, they, follow along like the androids that they are. It is you who have listened to Peterson and now have something wonder about!

Jordan Peterson has some 3.6 million followers on Twitter alone, and I am not fool enough to believe they are all followers, worshippers of Jordan Peterson. I am quite sure that there are a large number of haters and the curious. Spies and the ones like this complainant looking to bring Jordan Peterson down. He has been a fly in their ointment for a long time and I’m sure there is a growing and well cultivated and well financed movement to bring him down. They hate him and are allowed to bring such things; gripes like this document, to a higher authority. But have that higher authority been looking for a chance to cancel him — I feel. Or is a ruse?

This suspiciously seems like a Op, to attack a figure who has been so influential in the lives in many young men and women. His showing us this, side of himself that will not take any bullshit but has allowed himself to be baited by — let’s face it, by retards. Absolute retards. Is showing that he is tiring of the fight with these insects and their constant blah on Twitter.

Trudeau is one who has taken Peterson’s scorn for quite some time, the Ontario College of Psychologists is a government of Ontario board. Canadian legacy media a friend of Trudeau and recipient of his millions in payola are a enemy of Peterson’s as well.

There is a lot to be considered.

Peterson has been suspended from Twitter before, on supposedly breaking rules against ‘hateful conduct’. The tweet went something like this…

“Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.

— Jordan Peterson

I can’t seem to find the hate in the statement.

The gender dysphoria crowd have more than enough hate for the man. It will be interesting to see what Elon Musk’s new Twitter will do, in light of the inquisition of Jordan B. Peterson. Will he, who personally has the privilege of banning people who offend him, ban Jordan Peterson?