Manufacturing Trust

“Trust is a currency!”


In the opening of the WEF 2023, Crystal Awards Ceremony 2023, Klaus Schwab, the WEF chief, entered onto the stage and in his opening address paused and looked out to the audience.

Stimulating curiosity, simulating concern maybe, and stating in the opening to the awards ceremony,

“We could not meet at a more challenging time, we are confronted with so many crisis, simultaneously. What does it mean to master the future? I think, to have a platform, were all stakeholders of global society are engaged. Governments, business, civil societies, young generation and I could go on. I think is the first step. To, meet all the challenges. But what is even more important, is that we approach the future, with a positive spirit. With the spirit which reflects human creativity and ingenuity. And for this reason its very appropriate to begin this annual meeting with the participation of great artists featuring culture and the arts.”

Wow! Impressive wouldn’t you say? But its all smoke being blown up your ass. He’s representing that pack of reptiles, those corporate subscribers in WEF (World Economic Forum), and they know more that anyone, for the reasons of ‘so many crisis’. They manufacture such things!

‘Mastering the future’ involving everyone engaged, of the global society; the stakeholders and business owners and government and lastly the young. But really most importantly the young. And how can that be done with so much crisis and world crushing events all happening at the same fucking time?

Why with trust.


Yes trust, its currency don’t ya know. But what is it truly? How do you gain trust in an individual, an institution, a doctor, or how about a product or a company you wish to use in benefit of your own life. Who do you trust? What news is trustworthy? Can the government and most importantly global corporations be trusted, should they be trusted. Trust is, it would seem dependent on truth? And how does one content with truth? Is it worth it weigh? Does it exist at all? Is there such a thing? Well truth does not manipulate the other to show itself in a trusting light. Truth is what you arrive at after all is exhausted and proven to be wrong. Truth is never manufactured. Trust should never be manufactured. But it is!



Richard Edelman is in the business of trust, and he claims, he is in the battle for truth and ultimately trust. Your trust, in the people that he serves as the head of Edelman.

As it stands the top 25% of society believe differently than the bottom 25%? Almost diametrically and polar opposes in beliefs.

Edelman, a public relations firm, the largest on the planet, with some 66 locations near you, somewhere in the world. Employing some 6000 people who use a revenue of some $985 million (2022) to gain your trust, to manufacture it, as their own unique company’s product. Experts in Astroturf, campaigns to disguise the real truth behind those groups that support a specific issue like climate, or a local issue, a industry or company needs to bi-pass, to get around a failed trust by their consumers and get on with business of making lots of money.

Edelman using what ever means necessary to manufacture trust.

Edelman was founded by Daniel Edelman the father of Richard Edelman the present President and CEO of Edelman. Daniel served in the United States Army, psychological warfare unit in World War II. Earning a master’s degree in journalism he worked at CBS as a nightly news reporter. Well learned in the psychological manipulation and social engineering of the public mind he created Edelman.

Richard Edelman, Daniel’s son, inherited the company after his father died at 92. He joined it in 1981. Edelman is a partner organization of the WEF (World Economic Forum). The Institution representing some 1000 of the largest global companies and corporations. And Edelman, helmed by Richard has a grand position to gain the public trust, by what ever means for all those WEF companies.

Richard Edelman has been nine times to Davos annual meetings, he is deep within the workings of this massive organization that penetrates governments and political cabinets with it minions, the converted. The YGL (Young Global Leadership) mentored under the WEF dictates. His understanding that the public no longer trusts — if they ever did — global business owners and their governments because they do business with these companies and are manipulated by these businesses instead of representing the voting public.

Edelman is a member of the Atlantic Council a think tank that deals with international affairs and ways to do business. It is rich and powerful and influential. Manipulating what it needs to gain it own goals of global economic prosperity for the west. Allied with and deeply connected to NATO and the usual suspects like the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs and Facebook, the British government and overseas billionaires with special interests. Richard Edelman is a connected man, connected to the ‘National Committee on United States-China Relations’, the World Economic Forum as has been stated, the Jerusalem Foundation. The Ad Council, which governs public service announcements on behalf of various sponsors and NGO’s, it is the largest advertiser in the United States. Covid messaging was warranted and addressed through the Ad council.

The company has been on the odd sides of some debates, in direct opposition it seems of WEF ideas on climate denial and climate legislation; green politics, human sustainability the DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity) agenda, the Pride agenda and LBGT+. Sometimes opposing even these viewpoints working for individual companies.

Its about manufacturing trust for those that pay for it, it is a currency after all. But Edelman maintains it generates ‘trust’. As if it is a engine.

It has been involved in the Dove campaign: BODYLOVE. A campaign to fight against body shaming, which twists the issue of rising global obesity and the illnesses that it brings, into a matter of emotions and body hatred, body shaming. Rather than confronting the reasons obesity is on the rise and killing so many people they diffuse the issue into a meaningless division about politics. The campaign created a short film on the issue and reached some 75 million with some 500,000 views, making the issue about racism and Black Lives Matter, about ethnicity. The campaigns aim is to create a new idea of what physical beauty means. The whole point of the campaign is the manufacture of public trust, and truth falls by the wayside..

Dove couldn’t care less about you or about the millions of people eating fat and sugar laden toxic food; an estrogenized environment, and estrogenized pollutants in their products, which confuses human bodies. Toxins which make those bodies sick.

Edelman has taken on issues like Black Lives Matter, discrimination and racism in black hair products. The whole issue of skin care and body care became a politicized can of worms with the body care companies gaining sales of their products while manufacturing  trust with the woke consumer. Many of programs are aimed at the very young, conditioning young consumers to think and feel a specific way about companies that manufacture specific body care products. Edelman is about marketing, using trust as a way in, a new tool to gaining markets more than telling the truth.

Edelman and his manufacturing trust has been combating pandemic fatigue and the vaccination program and the new variants.

Edelman advised taking the tragic suicide of Robin Williams  and using it to build public trust, a “carpe diem moment” as they called it. Whither it is boosting a company’s rep, like Pepsi, or hustling for the likes of Microsoft and Tobacco, Edelman is a crooked and deceitful company. Richard Edelman might be called the Edward Bernays in his manufacture of ‘trust’, whereas Bernays manufactured ‘consent’.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the makers of Ibuprofen needed to regain public trust and dispel what they considered was misinformation about using Ibuprofen (Advil) to manage Covid symptoms. Among the much attesting to the possible dangers of using Ibuprofen for Covid symptoms, was a study that was released that hailed the concern of the safety of the product because of its role in increasing the levels of ACE2 within the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone system. Ace2 in the coreceptor for the entry of SARS-CoV-2 into human cells.

This was a time sensitive issue, and Edelman was called in to contest it, as it was quickly growing.

Edelman in his manufacturing trust, immediately addresses the problem and creates a microsite. Using social media posts to drive people to the microsite; using a political-style segmentation study to identify who are, and where the risk of consumer segments that were of threat of losing trust in the product Advil (Ibuprofen), and the company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Then they used the result from that to create ‘hyper-tailored communications‘ to increase that trust in buying their product again. This is social engineering, countering of the medical study, “COVID-19 and Avoiding Ibuprofen. How Good Is the Evidence?“. This social engineering, using propaganda to psychologically change someone’s mind with what ever nonsense they come up with.

Johnny Vedmore’s excellent write-up on Edelman is worth the read, he states after intensive research on the subject, “[…] The company [Edelman] is one of the largest PR firms in the world for a reason: it fights dirty, and in doing so it often uses imaginative, yet underhanded, methods of manufacturing public consent.”

Vedmore resembles Edelman precisely to a Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister of Hitler’s third Reich.

So when Klaus Schwab states, What does it mean to master the future?. He is thinking along the lines of a Richard Edelman. Edelman the company, a regular attendee at Davos, a speaker at the WEF 2023 on the matter of ‘Disrupting Distrust‘. And as one of the panel speakers Richard Edelman voiced his concerns of the now problems of business in a world in crisis and eroding trust of the corporation by the public. The burgeoning mistrust of global corporations.

Richard Edelman points to the problems he states…

 “[…] The sort of last point now trust has gone local, historically as a jew I say this, […] then it went horizontal about ten or fifteen years ago, with the rise of Facebook [Meta] it went to peers, friends, now trust is local in my employer, and in my company, and my CEO, my company’s newsletter is the most trusted source of information, even ahead of MSM — crazy as that is?

Okay so three or four trends from this year that are important. The first is we absolutely observe an imbalance between institutions; between government and business there is now a 50 point delta on competence, 30 points on ethics, business is the only institution that is seen as both trusted, because its competent and because its ethical, and it gets things done. NGO’s have moved from being in that top right corner, both competent and ethical, to being ethical but not competent.

Yeah and if you believe that, I have condo packages available for sale on Mars as soon as Elon gets his shit together.

This pack of lies speaks of trusted business, of it being both competent and ethical and the only institution which is thoroughly trusted? Corporations are not trusted. They have never been trusted; they pollute and squander resources and are driven by insatiable greed. Easily willed to go to any means to sell their products at the highest price for the cheapest cost; they have a grand history, long decades of human rights violations of by-passing local and regional laws and restricting competition. They start wars, and assassinate any who stand in their way, they are odious and elite and now the larger corporations are run by despots and the prodigy of their founders who will burn down the world for a shot at exploiting the vast resources and riches of the planet.

They covet through the Ukrainian war; Russia. The massive country that has not given in to the greed and hegemony of the western corporations. In WEF stakeholder capitalism, they feel they have a right to enforce this on Russia and the world at large. They are taking physical possession of a whole planet.

Richard Edelman blames the NGO for not doing its job of cultivating public trust. Ridiculous as it seems and a idea that many know about deeply, is the legitimate mistrust the public has for Main Stream Media, legacy media. It is the propaganda end of business and government, and the Internet is killing it, and the national newspapers as vehicles of public truth. In Canada, Legacy media is owned and bought and paid for by the Liberal government of Canada.

Edelman goes on in his talk at WEF 2023 panel on ‘Disrupting Mistrust’ to say…

[…] The second big finding is that, we see a real dependence on business to be the savior. The question is how much business should be doing relative due to other institutions, um and, that’s really subject to, ya know. The third is the mass class divide, in three quarters of the country we now see a 10 point delta, um, not a single democracy, do we see this in a good place, um that’s partly because of this final statistic — then we can get on to the panel.

The loss of economic optimism, trust is totally tied to performance of the economy, and to the projection of what the economy will be doing in the next five years. Not a single democracy has over 35%, that is the US, Japan, France, Germany all down ten, twelve percent.

My family will be better off in five years, classic polling question? So, look, trust depends on the ability of institutions to deliver and, at the highest end, in terms of countries are India, and Saudi and UAE and, we also have China. So what you see in this is, meritocracy than democracy, you see also more in developing than in developed, and those are the two factors, but its mostly tied to economic development also that you have institutions performing equally in terms of trust. When you have a huge imbalance then you have distrust, particularly low trust in government. Last, last the sense of inequality, if you have a deep sort of, “I can’t get there.” you lose trust.

The public does not see business as the savior of humanity, but does see business as the reasons the world is in a shambles, the reason that traditional values, long held have be corrupted and debased to utter confusion. That the woke have gained a paid for powerful voice in politics and culture and that it is a death cult that they have created to advance their agenda of one world government and a panopticon society that is controlled and reduced to somewhere around 1 billion humans on planet earth.

Meritocracy? Is for those that are chosen by the WEF. Those that can kowtow obsequiously to the politics and engineering of civilization by this organization. They spent a huge amount putting down small business during Covid lockdowns, causing the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

Edelman sees meritocracy over democracy, ignoring developed nations for undeveloped as an answer to disrupted trust. Denigrating government which is the aim of business to do away with nation state and coalesce as one beige colored global governance planet in a digital prison.

He ties trust to the performance of an economy, but never to the lies and desperate poverty that most humans are falling into after previous decades of rising out of poverty. The forced attrition, lock downs and false scarcity as weapons of depopulation. The owning of populist politicians and interference in nationalism and its culture.

The WEF covets Russia, it is the major point of all this economic down turn it seems, at least from the WEF point of view. It wouldn’t be sanctions a rising interest in an inflation. While Russia is doing quite well in spite of massive sanctions, other economies falter, and yet all are able to supply massive amounts of money, billions and billions in weapons to the Ukraine and to the destruction of Russia and Ukraine as a whole.

The prize is the heartland of the world Island.


Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland was at this year’s WEF 2023. Canada’s Freeland along with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are WEF stooges. Part of that YGL (Young Global Leadership) penetrated cabinets, Klaus Schwab spoke about in the past, Freeland is also a ‘Trustee’ of the WEF and more that likely will be, the next Secretary General of NATO.

Jens Stoltenberg’s eight year run was up in November, 2022, but he is staying on an additional year it seems. Some special interest?

With eyes on the next Secretary General being a woman, Freeland seems highly, and most likely the next Secretary General, and with her fervor for NATO and its global arms sales and on going operation in Ukraine. Her Russophobic statements and deep hatred of Russia since she was a young child, her Nazi connections in the Ukrainian regime, along with her Nazi collaborating grandfather’s influence.

Freeland’s grandfather Mykhailo Khomiak (Michael Chomiak) was a member of Banderite ((Banderivtsi) OUN-UPA nationalist group, he ran Krakivs’ki Visti, and was chief editor that Ukrainian newspaper that was vehemently antisemitic and the most important newspaper in the Ukrainian language at the time.

Its exposure to Ukrainian intelligentsia and its ability to overcome, paper shortages and strict Nazi censorship, amongst other things hints at what was orchestrated by none other that Joseph Goebbels himself. The paper’s anti-Jewish materials published in Krakiws’ki Visti contributed enormously to the mass murder of Jews in Ukraine. Ukraine’s regime government, was and is presently antisemitic, it has a history.

“Leaders of the Ukrainian national movement resented the fact that Jews tended to assimilate culturally to the politically dominant nationality — to the Polish in Galicia, to the Russians in Right-and Left-bank Ukraine, to the German and later the Romanian in Bukovyna, and to the Magyar in Transcarpathia. Political antipathies were particularly pronounced in Galicia in the period after 1873 and before 1907. When Jews as a group supported Polish Candidates against Ukrainian candidates to the Austrian parliament and Galician diet: and again in the 1930s, when many Ukrainians placed their hopes on Hitlers’ Germany (for reasons that had nothing to do with anti-Semitism) and Jews, of course, opposed Hitler (precisely because of his anti-Semitism). From this background of genuine national conflict, stemming from legitimate grievances and differences, it was perhaps inevitable that national hatred would emerge.”
–John-Paul Himka, “Krakivski visti and the Jews, 1943: A Contribution to the History of Ukrainian-Jewish Relations during the Second World War”
John-Paul Himka’s words might be true in regards to Ukraine placing its hopes on Hitler, for reasons other than anti-Semitism. But then again he is a relative of Chrystia Freeland’s and I would presume there is a natural bias. But lets give him the benefit of doubt.

On January 18th, 2023 Chrystia Freeland joined a panel of seven including Secretary General of NATO Jen Stoltenberg to speak on ‘Restoring Security and Peace‘. It wasn’t coincidental that she shared the panel with Stoltenberg. Her Russophobia showed and her support of the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine as she stated,

” Supplying Ukraine with weapons and as President Zelensky pointed out, supplying Ukraine with the money it needs to win the war, is, ultimately in our own self-interest

“One thing we have some practical levers, we can help Ukraine win, clearly, definitely. And if we do that, if that happens this year, you know as well as I do Fareed [Zakaria]. It would be a huge boost to the global economy. So I do think Ukraine is going to win…”

All that money and larger and larger amounts of weaponry, with greater destructive power, as Europe gathers and supplies Nazis with the means to de-Russification of Ukraine and to fight a proxy hybrid NATO war against the Russian Federation on behalf of the West and the United States of America and the EU.

The Edelman company’s ‘manufactured trust’ that manipulates the branding of this war as a just cause against a new Hitler, in Putin. Mountains of manufactured lies hiding the facts of what, business and the WEF, NATO and the west as a whole is really and truly seeking here. To kick start a flagging global economy exploiting and cutting up into pieces the Russian Federation.

Lets not get confused with the ranting of the clown king himself, Zelensky, who might it seems get beatified by the pope as a living saint. Or the disinformation that his regime churns out constantly from Ukraine as his minions snatch Ukrainian men of the street for army service, and whisk them off to some meatgrinder, ill-prepared for the front lines for Ukraine in the Russian SMO (Special Military Operation). Or that he banned men from 18-60 from leaving the country. Nor the talks and lies by deputy prime minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland, or the psychological manipulations of a Richard Edelman manufacturing trust, or Klaus Schwab himself wanting to master the future. Representing corrupt billionaire businessmen and a elite that shadow governs the world and a Ukraine that will end as a buffer zone.

Ukraine has for years been a toxic dumpsite, a means of laundering massive amounts of money, a center of human trafficking, a backwoods for numerous US BSL-4 biological warfare labs. Or that it is used as a weapon against the Russian Federation.

Edelman and Freeland and Schwab, they are all, the same kind of reptile.