Adolf, Olaf…You say potatoe, I say potato.

Hybrid warfare: is a theory of military strategy, first proposed by Frank Hoffman, which employs political warfare and blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare, and cyber-warfare with other influencing methods, such as fake news, diplomacy, lawfare and foreign electoral intervention. By combining kinetic operations with subversive efforts, the aggressor intends to avoid attribution or retribution. The concept of hybrid warfare has been criticized by a number of academics and practitioners due to its alleged vagueness, its disputed constitutive elements, and its alleged historical distortions.”


I will set down what is known, and not confuse the issue any further. The war in Ukraine is not a hybrid war, it was and/or might have used the methods of such military strategy to fight Russia through Ukraine, before the SMO (Special Military Operation). But it is not that now and the Russian/Ukraine war is with NATO (an arms/weapons sales corporation) and their controller the United States representing the west and global corporate greed in the WEF (World Economic Forum).

The west has been at war with Russia for a long time, for well over a century they have wanted what the Russian holds as true and dear.

Day by day and inch by inch the west is moving eastward; sleepwalking into thermonuclear war with the Russian Federation. And all should know by now that Washington is at the center of this conspiracy of the insane. They have been building through the hybrid war a military presence; they have been in a cyberwar, faking news and producing vast amounts of propaganda that have influenced western populations into believing that Russia is the aggressor here.

The US has sabotaged Nord Stream to break the energy connection between Russia and European countries that have used Russian natural gas and oil. Uncalled for sanctions have tried to punish Russia for its refusal to kowtow to the west’s desperate need for a preponderance role and hegemony within all global nations.

Blinken, Nuland, and the clown and coke king Zelensky are the front of this conspiracy to move the west into using larger and larger weapons against Russia in Ukraine. The clown king asks for evermore powerful weapons of war: tanks, and missiles, now air-power and F-16’s. Will he ask for tactical nukes?

Germany reenacts Operation Barbarossa and releases 14 Leopard 2A6s tanks from the active Bundeswehr inventory. Violating its signatures on the unconditional surrender at the end of World War ll with Russia and the second declaration of peace and surrender with Russia the allies.

One joint agreement was that Germany agree never to build a fighting army again and to never to wage war against the Russians or any other European nation. And here the Bundeswehr, the fighting forces of Germany (an illegal army) is supplying Ukraine with 14 Leopard 2 tanks from its arsenal of 312 tanks; 14, enough for two Ukrainian tank battalions.

The EU and NATO, and some 12 countries will supply additional Leopard 2 tanks, the requested number was 100 by Zelensky. But the number will possibly be somewhere between 40 and 44. Maybe.

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholtz has stated as a full socialist and Social Democrat that Russia cannot be permitted to win in Ukraine. And he has very strong reasons for that kind of statement.

One he is a German and Germans by birthright hate the Russians. Russia made mince meat out of Germany after the arrogant and misdirected full on attack by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis on June 22nd 1941. Adolf Hitler’s foolhardy, and hate-filled attack on Russia — which he and his henchmen considered as low races that impeded the progress of the Nazi Übermensch that arrogantly, and callously caused the death of many many millions of people.

Germany is and will always be responsible for the death through starvation and other means of some 3.3 million Russian POW’s and millions of other Russians through their war and starvation campaigns. And also within the Ukraine where the Nazi found friends and like minded people, who stood behind the idea of “The enemy of my enemy, is my friend“, they followed Nazi orders to a tee, and through propaganda and cruelty helped exterminate millions of Jews and poles. Most times blaming it on others, until the future that we are now in has shown how cruel and responsible the German people are for a tragic Russian past. A past that will never be forgotten, and was a terrible lesson in the ways of Nazi Blitzkrieg warfare.


Mass shooting and gassing of people in camps. Germany is a landlocked nation and was ruthless and greedy for power and coveted and still covets the Heartland of the World island. Which is Russia. It hated the Russian deeply and considered them a lowly obstacle that needed to be exterminated and that stood in the way of the great German Third Reich. Successor to two previous cruel and dictatorial empires that craved war.

“In the world we live in, it is necessary to ensure our own security with a sufficient defense capability. As a member of parliament and a member of the government, I have many times approved Bundeswehr (the German armed forces) missions abroad.”

— Olaf Scholtz

Germany exports war, it is always thinking of war…it is provoking greater war with Russia.

Germany agreed to never war with Russia again, they signed a unconditional surrender when the Russians took Berlin by force ending the German’s ability to make war. They signed a second agreement with the other allied forces. But lets get one thing straight, Russia won the second world war, the enormous loss of life was the price for that victory. A lend-lease agreement and millions of dead Russian soldiers ensured that victory.

Russian author and journalist Ilya Ehrenburg (1891- 1967) wrote:

“In our country, there was probably no table at which people gathered in the evening where they were not aware of an empty seat.”

Germany and Germans caused the two world wars that plagued the twentieth century, devastated the world and caused untold pain and suffering and the extermination and death and casualties through war of 40 million humans in WWI and some 35-60 million people in WWII. For a combined total somewhere close to 75-100 million people.


And any nation that has caused that much pain is ‘verboten‘ from speaking about war or getting involved with other nations that are at war, for the next 1000 years.

The death and the casualties is not the worst of what Germany and the German people caused, the wreckage of industry and cities leveled to dust in bombing raids, the toxic waste left from the dangerous and highly volatile chemicals used to kill men and enemy peoples is beyond fixing. The industrialized extermination of millions of humans in genocide. The corrupt and polluted ideas of science and philosophy that it brought to the west which polluted academia and politics. To date countries throughout Europe still deal with what rises to the surface of the ground from those wars fought in the last century. And still affect the present with pain.

Germany and German politicians haven’t earned the right to voice opinions about the dealings of the free Nation of Russia. Or for that matter Ukraine. The amount that is owed to Russia from the ‘free world’ for its great sacrifice and help in putting down the Nazis in Germany is to be shouted from the roofs every November 11th.

But no, we have never really heard about that Russian sacrifice so long ago. Most in their ugly patriotism are ignorant of that fact.

Russia, without Kiev’s participation, has evacuated almost 1.7 million people from dangerous areas of Ukraine and the republics of Donetz (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR) since the start of a special military operation. Russian speaking; Russian cultured people living there since the time that Ukraine was an integral part of Soviet Union. Ukraine has always been part of Russia.

At the end of May [2022], German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made a loud statement that,

Germany may soon have the largest conventional army in Europe within the framework of NATO.“.

In his opinion, this will significantly strengthen the security of the country and its allies. At the same time, a few days after Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine, the social Democrat promised that his country would invest at least 2% of national GDP per year in defense, and announced the creation of a special fund of €100 billion to strengthen the armed forces.

The country that caused the greatest suffering of both world wars and is creating the largest army in the EU? Did you know that the EU was a Nazi idea?

The corruption of Nazism now raises its head once again in Ukraine and the dark heart of Germany with the likes of Olaf Scholtz, and his woke government. Another virtual government of the New World Order’s, WEF. Scholtz a descendent of those Nazis that once moved to destroy love and beauty and freedom in the world. To wipe out every race it disagree with and that is not considered pure by those eugenic Nazi standards.

Olaf Scholz is a technocrat in the style of a Nazi technocrat; another of the WEF bootlickers and a woke green socialist, dares to rally his countrymen to supply heavy arms again in a war against Russia. Working for his masters in Davos this war monger takes exception as a Russia that sees its border build up with NATO and G7 and and WEF matériel. When it sees the rise of a Nazi regime in the Ukrainian government under the comedian, and coke clown king Volodymyr Zelensky; when its negotiations, legal documents agreed upon at Minsk by both sides, are denied and betrayed and ignored.

Olaf Scholtz seems to take an exception at a Russia that clearly sees itself being oppressed by the west with cruel and unusual sanctions. He applauds these and gives respite to mercenaries on their way through to Ukraine. Urging his country to freeze assets and push from the SWIFT financial system all Russian banks and uses pale and Goebbels like propaganda to confuse his countrymen and the world. A liar and a globalist who does not agree with a multi-polar world but Kowtows the WEF “New World Order” global technocracy. Olaf Scholtz like Trudeau and Macron, Chrystia Freeland and others are political puppets penetrating cabinets for corporate elites swimming in oceans of money.

Along with Germany’s unconditional surrender after world war II. James Baker, February 9th,1990 guaranteed assurance to never move “one inch eastward” after the Berlin wall fell. Genscher, Kohl, Baker, Gates, Bush, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Major, Woerner all gave those assurances as well.

Every agreement with the United States that Russia has made or signed, has been violated by the US as they are incapable of keeping their word. The truth of the matter is now undeniable. The west has always lusted the great wealth of resources of the Russian Federation. The Soviet Union’s collapse in the 90’s and the Bill Browder’s and economic hitmen have been waging war in one way or another against Russia since Mackinder formulated his “Heartland Theory” on the matter in 1904, “The Geographical Pivot of History.“.

“Who rules Eastern Europe commands the Heartland
Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island
Who rules the World Island commands the world”

The Russian Foreign ministry has dismissed proposals by the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Under Secretary Victoria Nuland. Maria Zakharova speaking for the ministry has confirmed that the ground plan for Ukraine will not be interrupted, Russia will finish what it has started. The SMO will be completed with the denazification of Ukraine and its regime.

Zakharova stated,

“There is a situation on the ground that we are solving. Everything. This is not a question of guesswork, but of our assessment of what is happening. This is based on the situation on the ground and direct political statements by Western politicians. Given that all negotiations have been terminated by Ukraine, this issue will be resolved on the ground. Under pressure or on its own, Kiev has banned any negotiations with Russia at the government level. So that’s it. The rest is for the military experts.”

The aim by the US to stall, to allow for time to build up and hopefully gain time to receive new and improved military materiel before what is suspected to be a Russia offensive before the spring. Spring is muddy and brings rain and difficulty in machine and troop movement.

Olaf Scholtz is the new Nazi, the neo-Nazi looking a little downtrodden as he fulfills the requests of his masters in the US and WEF. The pretense of being forced to supply Leopard 2 tanks.

Zakharova went on to say, specifically about Olaf Scholtz, that he does..

“lack the spirit to make the right choice, not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, for which the people of Germany, among others, paid a huge price… We remember well what German tanks are. These are machines which have become a symbol, not just of death and deadly ideology, but of hatred of humanity — a global, existential threat to the entire planet… What do they expect in Germany? That armoured vehicles in camouflage cover with iron crosses – symbols of the German armed forces both then and now will pass through our cities and villages? We remember how it ended then. Do they remember in Berlin?.. The day of the decision on the supply of Leopards to Ukraine…is also historic because the total loss of Germany’s sovereignty. Scholz has forever signed the rejection of an independent German foreign policy. He has abandoned everything that his predecessors had built for decades after the Second World War.”

Weapons companies and manufacturing is making hay, they are all up huge amounts, stock price rise, numbers soar, billions of dollars made as the western and NATO nations purge their old weaponry in support of Ukraine, encouraging new and technologically advanced purchases, and supplying billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine. Well over a 100 billion dollars has been given by the United States — which is greater than Russia’s total defense budget.

And what weapons have Germany supplied after promises and signed peace and surrender agreements made so very long ago.

This is all giving excuse to EU nations to rearm anew, for what they have donated to the Ukraine war. All NATO countries are upping their defense budgets and acquiring more advanced and high tech weapons.

This war is not going away soon, and it can be presumed it could escalate out of control or at a minimum last a decade or more in a new and improved high tech Hybrid cold war 2.0.