Olaf Scholz and Germany’s Re-militarization

“Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites, […]”

— Vladimir Putin

The Hybrid war brings us all into a world war, sleep walking into what has potential to be the very last war humanity fights.

One must pay attention to facts when dealing with the Ukrainian war.

Instead of the world dealing with the malfeasance by the west over a great measure of time and singularly the period of time since the Maidan Uprising (2013), and a Ukrainian coup d’état, replacing a legal government with a Nazi regime. Giving impulse to the forever growing evil of Nazism within Ukraine.

That regime has with America’s help built up a fighting force that wishes the end of Russia, and the end of all Russians. A left over from the second world war, which has be stewing since then and fueled by a Soviet collapse in the 90’s and the constant attention by the Straussians stirring up fervor for a renewed extermination of Russians and Russia. Because they hate them and they need an enemy.

Those neocons and right-wing Ukrainian extremists under the guise of seeking Ukraine’s independence, those Ukrainian extremists who long ago collaborated with the Nazis under Hitler to genocide Jews, Russian POW’s and Poles. And still remain iron cast in that old way, that old evil mission. They have picked up and held high the banner of shame written with the words of General Franz Halder, chief of staff and head of the Army High Command, the Oberkommando des Heeres (OKH). Senior planner for the code-named “Operation Barbarossa”, who spoke of the Russians as…

“We must forget the concept of comradeship between soldiers. A communist is no comrade before or after the battle. This is a war of annihilation. If we do not grasp this, we shall still beat the enemy, but thirty years later we shall again have to fight the Communist foe. We do not wage war to preserve the enemy.”

No, not to preserve, but to commit a genocide greater than any other, in the complete extermination of the Slavic people. Some 3.5 million Russian POW’s branded by Nazi racial theory as Untermenschen where deliberately starved and worked to death by the Nazis in the myriad of Soviet prisoner-of war camps.

Halder that hate filled Nazi escaped his final punishment swinging at the end of a rope as he was protected by American intelligence under his, ‘needed assistance’ with the US Army Historical Division, in the ‘Halder Group‘. Helping to generate the ‘Myth of the clean Wehrmacht’ for posterity’s sake.

He won a ‘Meritorious Civilian Service Award‘ for that work and became the only German to receive an award by Adolf Hitler and an American standing president in John F. Kennedy. Hitler pinned the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross on this evil man. He unregretfully died peacefully in 1972 in his bed.

After the Blitz Krieg of the initial attack on Russia, Halder re-positioned stated…

“The Russian colossus…has been underestimated by us…whenever a dozen divisions are destroyed the Russians replace them with another dozen.”

Until they drove the cowards back to Berlin and their end.

And now a renewed sense of that old Nazi mission to end Russia. But its seems now the west and NATO nations is behind it as well.

Ever growing Russophobia. Vodka poured down drains, Russian ballet cancelled. Censoring of great Russian authors and even athletes now restricted to not competing for their country but as an independent at the Olympics. The hybrid war is a total war, everything is weaponized in such a state.

Ukraine squanders massive amounts of money and arms, which end up on black markets by corrupt and greedy officers of Armed Forces of Ukraine and the regime’s politicians steal money sent to support what has be propagandized as an illegal invasion by Russia, when really this has be building for decades if not a century.

Inflated prices paid on food for Ukraines’s troops, on clothing and war materiel’s, siphons billions of dollars away from the western tax payer, who is the one paying for all these billions of dollars in arms to Ukraine.

Mercenaries that once flooded to Ukraine at the start, have left Ukraine months after their engagement, their reasons are many, most have not been paid, because of corrupt officers or where sent on suicide missions — used as cannon fodder for a skilled and determined adversary in the Russian Armed Forces.

Ukrainian secret service are given to even grab their own citizens off of city streets in Ukraine who end up days later on the front line of war. Improperly trained and regrettably easily killed. Cannon fodder for a hybrid cyber war. Men 18-60 are banned from leaving Ukraine.



Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholtz has stated as a full socialist and Social Democrat that Russia cannot be permitted to win in Ukraine. Another Nazi with strong reasons for the annihilation of Russian troops.

He is a German and Germans by birthright hate the Russians, and rightly so, they fear Russia. Russia made mince meat out of Germany after the arrogant and misdirected full on attack by the Nazis under Adolf Hitler on June 22nd 1941 in ‘Operation Barbarossa‘.

In his Policy statement as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, on February 27, 2022, Scholz the most recent WEF populist appointee after Angela Merkel; the de facto leader of the European Union, stated that “The terrible images from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Mariupol show Putin’s utter lack of scruples.“. Lying he went on to say…

“I know exactly what issues many people across the country have been discussing at their dinner tables in recent days.

What concerns are weighing on them – in light of the terrible news from the war zones.

Many of us still remember our parents’ or grandparents’ tales of war. And for younger people it is almost inconceivable – war in Europe.

Many of them are giving voice to their horror – across the country, including just outside in front of the Reichstag.

We are living through a watershed era.

And that means that the world afterwards will no longer be the same as the world before.

The issue at the heart of this is whether power is allowed to prevail over the law. Whether we permit Putin to turn back the clock to the nineteenth century and the age of the great powers.

Or whether we have it in us to keep warmongers like Putin in check.”

And yet he, and his NATO partners are supplying billions of dollars in weapons. The United States alone giving some $30 billion, more than the total Russian Defense budget for the year. And now Germany gives 112 Leopard 2-A6 tanks to the war effort. With many European countries also supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine. And the Americans under Biden have committed and will supply 30 Abrams tanks along with billions of dollars of other weapon. How soon will the F-16’s arrive and the escalation.

The gullibility of this woke man to state, what parents and grandparents might think when his country was, the unprovoked starting of the two greatest world wars in history, which resulted in some 75-100 million deaths; and which destroyed most of Europe and the Soviet Union is beyond any semblance of the real. He speaks about whether power should be allowed to prevail over law, when in fact he violates a declaration of surrender his country gave to the Russians and the world at the end of World War two.

Scholz is a hand puppet who does what his WEF masters want him to do and only that; he goes on to say in his policy statement that…

With the attack on Ukraine, Putin is not just seeking to wipe an independent country off the map.

He is demolishing the European security order that had prevailed for almost half a century since the Helsinki Final Act.

He is also isolating himself from the entire international community.

What Olaf Scholz fails to understand is that Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation was not part of the Helsinki Accords and the peace was not violated by Russia, but by the US and NATO partners and the west building up constantly, war materiel on Russia’s border since that agreement was signed by Leonid Brezhnev and mainly since Maidan. The violation of “not one inch eastward” hearkens, but is never listened too.

And now with Olaf Scholz building the largest army in Europe he once again violates what was an unconditional surrender at the end of World War ll. He pledged $107 billion to build that army with the creation of a ‘100 ($112.7 billion) billion Euro special fund‘ of the 2022 budget, to make Germany army’s, the Bundeswehr a new Wehrmacht, the largest army in Europe.

These are facts, Germany is re-militarizing once again.

The German defense budget has risen from €37 billion (2017) to now some €100 billion ($112.7 billion) plus, part keeping with NATO’s demand to reach 2% of gross domestic product. But also Germany is building a war machine in wanting to control the largest army as NATO’s center in Europe.

The world can not take another German buildup of arms, the two previous times that this has happened: world war one and two killed over a hundred million and caused many billions of dollars in damages. This time it has the added danger of nuclear weapons and world annihilation.

“With everything that we do, we must always make very clear that we will do what is necessary and possible to support Ukraine, but at the same time to prevent an escalation of the war to a war between Russia and NATO,”

–Olaf Scholz

Chancellor Olaf Scholtz talks out of both sides of his mouth.

In a Spiegel interview late April 2022, he was asked if he was a pacifist, he answered with a firm and direct “No!”. The interviewer went on to say,

SPIEGEL: Thus, it can be argued that neither you, the SPD [Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands], nor the German people are pacifists. Then why not do everything in your power to provide military assistance to Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia?

Scholz: This is exactly what we are doing.

SPIEGEL: In recent days, Kyiv, our allies and politicians in your coalition, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, have been insisting on the need to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. Why don’t you do that?

Scholz: Let’s first talk about what we do. Like dozens of allies, we provided anti-tank, anti-aircraft weapons, ammunition, vehicles and much more other from the Bundeswehr’s reserves, which directly improved Ukraine’s Defence potential. And we can clearly see the military successes of the Ukrainian army.

SPIEGEL: A few weeks ago, Ukrainians sent a list of necessary weapons. Why not approve this request as soon as possible?

Scholz: We have almost exhausted the possibility of further arms supplies from the Bundeswehr’s arsenal. We still continue to supply what is still possible: anti-tank weapons, anti-tank mines and artillery ammunition. As a result of negotiations with the German industry and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, we have compiled a list of weapons that can be provided as soon as possible. As before, this includes Defence weapons and mortars. We pay for these weapons’ supplies. Germany has allocated 2 billion euros, most of which is provided directly to Ukraine.

Germany and Olaf Scholz are gearing up for the NATO war, his bellicose rhetoric, against, and to Vladimir Putin, his rearmament plans for a powerful German army, his conversations with other world leaders and his obedience to Ramstein. At the end of world war two, Germany was divided into four and then two, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, east and west was united and the Americans never left, and never will leave. Germany is NATO’s center.

In speaking to Minister Naftali Bennett on his Israel visit earlier in 2022, on, Olaf Scholz’s intention for military buildup, Bennet said that military investment are sensitive issues, but, he would welcome Germany becoming an  “an anchor of leadership and responsibility in Europe” just as Israel”\.

Germany is becoming the Middle East’s Israel, in Europe.

In Scholz’s reasons for supplying 14 Leopard 2-A6 tanks, it is to prevent an escalation of the war, to a war between Russia and NATO. When the exact opposite is true here…more weapons escalates war.

The building of the largest army; and arming Ukrainian Nazis with advance weapons and now Leopard Tanks is fueling, a Russian war with NATO. Ramstein (US airbase) dictating to Scholz is, war with NATO.

Scholtz has not thought of the position he puts his countrymen and the world in by waging war with Russia again. Germany is a landlocked country with no resources and greatly needed cheap Russian natural gas and oil, fertilizer and the raw materials used in their industries. He is killing his own economy. Which has now become apparent.

Germany is on the edge of a recession, deindustrialization; greatly reduced energy needs has put Germany in the dumpster. Business startup virtually non existent, subsidies now handed out for those affected by the energy and job shortage. Large business closures, due to the loss of energy needs. The workforce down not seeing a positive year ahead, capital expenditures are increasing sending investors elsewhere to other countries.

Germany’s Siemens Gamesa reported a $967 million loss from October till December 2022, leading to the company asking for more, much needed assistance.

“Between October and December 2022, Siemens Gamesa’s revenue amounted to €2.0 billion (+9.8% year
over year) and EBIT pre PPA and before integration and restructuring costs amounted to €760 million,
with an EBIT margin of 37.8%. The company ended the quarter with a net loss of €884 million.

As of December 31, 2022, net financial debt totaled €1.9 billion.

During the initial quarter of the fiscal year, Siemens Gamesa signed new orders worth €1.6 billion(35% year over year), while the order back log amounted to €33.7 billion at the end of December 2022.”

The greens in Germany are breaking all their own rules and making an about-face with coal becoming a need in these energy strapped and cold winter times, wind power is down, as the European Wind industry sees material costs rise, disappointed investors see further losses for 2023.

Siemens Gamesa chair Christian Bruch also said last week that the industry was “facing serious financial challenges,” while wind farm developer Orsted announced a $365mn impairment on a major US offshore project thanks to “unprecedented cost inflation”.

General Electric, Vestas, all are predicting a tough year for 2023 in wind energy, despite the need for energy.

With the sabotage of Nord Stream pipeline, the west showed it POV as far as Russia selling its natural gas to Europe. February 22nd, 2022 Olaf Scholz halted the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, merely days before the SMO (Special Military Operation) went into action. Nord Stream was never put into operation although it did have technical pressurization. Germany is coming round to understanding that some western party had parts in the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

With a glut of natural gas in the US, and green policies restricting its sale at home. It being labelled as bad for the environment. There is a need to sell LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) to Europe. The massive amounts that the US steals from Syria every single day is sold through Chinese markets back to Europe. Might they be selling their own gas as well?

With Finland and Estonia playing a dangerous nuclear game of not allowing Russian vessels to navigate to their own territorial waters via the Gulf of Finland in the recent spat of Russophobia, Dmitry Peskov had to remind them that the gulf of Finland will be governed by International Maritime law.

Western nations rush to block shipping rights of Russian vessels as that possibility that Russia would resolve to sell it natural gas as LNG. But also as to economical crippling Russian exports.

At the end of his (Olaf Scholz) interview with Spiegel, they asked Scholz..

SPIEGEL: At the end of February, you delivered a historic speech in the Bundestag and announced a “turning point”. However, little has changed since then. What are the Germans preparing for now?

Scholz: First, we are allocating 100 billion euros to improve the equipment of our army. We encourage many others in Europe to do the same. Second, we are accelerating our efforts to become less dependent on energy imports. The third part is a strong, sovereign European Union that protects us with its unity. This means that the countries of the Western Balkans also belong to the EU. We wandered in detail for a long time. All these issues find powerful support in our parliament. As for the Bundeswehr, I hope that the patriotic majority goes far beyond the coalition.

SPIEGEL: So far, not everyone has been euphoric about the Bundeswehr. Are the Germans ready for a more powerful army?

Scholz: Yes, the more they know that a better-equipped Bundeswehr is not a sign of a transition to more aggressive German policy. There is something crucial at this turning point: after all the catastrophes of the first half of the twentieth century, our country has so reoriented itself as a democracy that [no one] is afraid of a militarily strong Germany.

No one? Really?

The Russians don’t trust you and I certainly do not, I had uncles who fought the Nazis in the war for a can of bully beef and a some crackers.