Nord Stream 2: The pipeline that was never going to be…

“There will be no longer, a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

“We will ah, I promise you, we’ll be able to do it.”

–Joe Biden


The timing of Joe Biden’s sober statement, of February 7, 2022, couldn’t have been better, “If Russia invades uh, that means tanks and troops crossing the uh, the border of Ukraine, again. Then uh, there will be uh, we there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2, we will bring an end to it.”

Direct to the point and with no side step of the chosen words, no uncle Joe, or “when I was a lad” intros to a long winded story about his past, no, directed like a guided missile ” […] we will bring an end to it!

Olaf Scholz Chancellor of Germany, and his equally sober response after the meeting with the American president for the first time…

” […] possibly this is a good idea to say to our American friends, we will be united, we will act together, and we will take all the necessary steps and all the necessary steps will be done by all of us together.”

Reporter: “Today will commit today to turning off and pulling the plug on Nord Stream 2, you didn’t mention it, you haven’t mentioned it.”

“As I already said, we are acting together, we are absolutely united, and we will not be taking different steps, we will do the same steps and they will be very, very hard to Russia and they should understand”

What is apparent is the joint decision — probably more on the American side to disconnect from, to stop Nord Stream. Scholz was reinforcing the ‘we are all in this together’ and ‘will take the same steps’ attitude. As if his meeting with Joe Biden, he was taken in the back room and he had been told what to do. After all the Americans have huge interest in Germany. They never left after the wall fell and Ramstein is playing a huge part in what we have been seeing of late in the Ukraine war.

As Jen Psaki said at the press meeting that day February 7th 2022,

“We have a close, abiding, important relationship with the Germans. That includes having forces stationed in Germany, which has a huge strategic value to the United States.” 

–Jen Psaki

The plans had already been set with what to do with Nord stream. Scholz was not to certify it. The significance of Germany as a pawn in game of NATO politics, as center of NATO in Europe, was emphasized in Scholz’s Washington Post interview with Joe Biden saying,

“Germany and [the] United States are close friends,” Biden said. “There is no issue of global importance where Germany and the United States are not working together.”

Scholz might have been looking ahead towards now and the problems that Germany would face because of this decision. And he was being told what to say and do. Hesitancy at that time to support Ukraine and to do what Ramstein wanted soon turned now in the present, with Leopard 2’s being supplied and talks of some 117 to be supplied by Germany.

Germany was not going to be allowed to become friendly with Russia; as a cheap source of energy. With greater economic bindings. Some 39% of Germany’s Natural gas was imported from Russia, and Germany was Russia’s second largest trading partner. He was hesitant to admit,

“There will be a high price for Russia,” he said. “This is a very clear message.”

Nord Stream would have doubled the amount of gas pouring into Germany, by passing the Ukraine and would have supported Germany’s needs and enabled sale of that gas to other European nations. With the green policies not truly supporting the needs of European populations, Russia gas was eager to sell in the minds of those that were losing interest in the pandering to the climate and green deindustrialization.

The sabotage of the pipeline was America burning bridges back. There would be no way back.

So much pointed at that time to the finality of Nord Stream never really going to be allowed to happen.

The press club that day of Scholz’s and Biden’s oval office meeting…

MS. PSAKI: Well, I know you all will have the opportunity to, I’m sure, ask him this question himself. And I, of course, don’t speak for him. But what I can reiterate here is that we said we’d work with Germany to ensure that Nord Stream 2 does not move forward should Russia invade, and that remains the position — agreed position.”

Question: On Nord Stream 2, you have — you’ve made clear the administration’s position. I did want to understand, though: Is the administration ready to take some type of action without Germany to stop Nord Stream 2?       

MS. PSAKI: I understand your question. I just am not in a position to detail further, other than to convey that it will not move forward if Russia invades.


Trust Seymour Hersh’s to cast it right out their without a second thought, a world class act, and the well thought out synopsis of what happened to Nord Stream; fits like a glove and hand to what we already know. That there was never, ever going to be a Nord Stream 2.

Biden and Scholz were final with their thoughts of its opening and evermore, doubling the rate of cheap gas flowing into Europe through Germany.

Prosperity and cooperation with Russia’s cheap fuel supplying the impetus to sustained and real growth. Russia a large resource base for raw materials and oil gas, and fertilizer for grain fields, all the raw material needs used in industry and to halt the deindustrializing of Germany in lieu of Scholz’s and SPD damaging green policies.

And now with Estonia and Finland trying to re-write maritime law in case Russia might decide to build a LNG (liquid natural gas) export terminal/s at the Gulf of Finland and ship LNG to Europe at a cheaper price than the Americans could ever afford too. Shorter distance and cheaper shipping costs on arrival would only add to the massive increase in cost of natural gas. Other nations now suddenly have concerns about Russian shipping. War by any means!

With the green policies of the west, carbon footprints and the insane, making everything about climate, the ridiculous war now against gas stoves is reducing the amount of gas sold in Canada and the United States. A warm winter here in Canada’s west has decreased the amounts of gas sold.

Green policies are the lie, they are the conclusion of a mad west that believes that ice should never be allowed to melt and that the planet is warming, that climate is getting worse, but yet at present the global temperature is -0.04 deg C below normal:


The US has always contested Nord Stream 2 and so has Ukraine, because it will by-pass them. It increases energy dependence on Russia, not as a act of war against the west, but in solving and instituting cooperation between nations and EU governments that have been under the control of the United States hegemony of, “you are with us or your a terrorist”. By standards, in EU countries it fosters multipolar ideas and eliminates Ukraine and the by-pass fees and encourages real growth in the world Island of which the United States is not part of, but is a last superpower declining into old age and redundancy and a old example of world power misdirected.


At present there are seven LNG Export Terminals existing in the United States, mostly in the gulf coast, with 15 other approved but not yet built, LNG export terminals, all around Texas and Louisiana. Additionally there are six more proposed and some in pre-filing stage.

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 16-18-51 PowerPoint Presentation - LNG Maps for Web 2-16-2022 - Exports.pdf
Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 16-19-17 PowerPoint Presentation - LNG Maps for Web 2-16-2022 - Exports.pdf
Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 16-19-35 PowerPoint Presentation - LNG Maps for Web 2-16-2022 - Exports.pdf

In 2020, the U.S. exported almost 2,400 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas in the form of LNG in large LNG tanker ships, along with a small quantity shipped by container or in trucks. In total, as of August 2021, U.S. LNG has been delivered to 40 countries on five continents. The U.S. also still imports some LNG, mostly to New England, a region of the country constrained by limited pipeline and storage capacity.”

“In 2021, U.S. LNG exports reached a record high of about 3,561 Bcf to 45 countries, and LNG exports accounted for 54% of total U.S. natural gas exports.”

With a glut in shale gas. The US is the largest producer of LNG in the world. Its ability when frozen to liquified and condense to 600 times smaller in volume than in its gaseous state, enables large amounts of gas to be shipped overseas in special tankers.

US LNG sales to Europe have surged especially during the Ukraine war, with most countries buying at 200% the regular price, the war has been profitable in more ways than making money for weapons manufacturers.

Some 60% + of US LNG exports went to Europe, that’s up some 19% overall. And that is up greater than the 20% of US total LNG export market one year ago.

War is profitable for America.

And now it will be for Germany.

“Through the LNG Acceleration Act, the Federal Government [Germany] aims to swiftly expand infrastructure for the import of liquefied natural gas.”

Germany has enacted a ‘LNG Acceleration Act‘ and has constructed two LNG Terminals, with contracts to lease four LNG floating terminals, with 2.94 billion euros available, more terminals are seemingly in the works for contract and construction.

“The following locations are considered as being particularly suitable for bringing natural gas ashore: Brunsbüttel, Wilhelmshaven, Stade/Bützfleth, Hamburg/Moorburg, Rostock/Hafen and Lubmin. Which of these sites will be realised depends on a range of legal, technical and economic factors.”

Germany will be set up to export and import LNG.

Uniper the close to bankruptcy German gas giant got a breathe of new life and huge injection of bailout money and the German government nationalized the company. It is operating the new LNG terminals and received the first delivery of LNG as of Jan, 2023.

What is sidestepped is Germany’s green plan and climate protection until 2045. Germany again is storing up on Coal and gas and oil.

In the end, humans are dying in Ukraine on both sides, Russian and Ukrainian. Either or; what ever your choice. The store-front imagery, the homogenized propaganda of the reality manufacturing machine is about freedom for Ukraine and the rest, it about stopping Russian expansionism.

But what is really at stake here is natural gas, LNG from America compared to cheap and easily pipelined Russian gas, Billions and billions of dollars in natural gas. And the economic progress and further friendly relations between Russia and Germany and the EU nations. Making NATO an obsolete entity in the modern European world.

NATO was built to balkanize the Soviet Union, to chip away at the edges, it has lost its mandate and now wishes to become a global military entity and is the defense arm of the European Union. It has become an arms dealer.

In Canada, like the US, the same is proposed with some eighteen new LNG Export terminals feeding Europe and Asia and Japan and South Korea…

Adding some $7.4 billion to Canada’s economy,

Eighteen LNG export facilities have been proposed in Canada – 13 in British Columbia, 2 in Quebec and 3 in Nova Scotia – with a total proposed export capacity of 216 Million tons per annum (mtpa) of LNG (approximately 29 Billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas). Since 2011, 24 LNG projects have been issued long-term export licenses. Canada’s only operational LNG terminal (an import terminal) is Canaport LNG’s regasification import terminal located in Saint John, New Brunswick.”