And even more…New Nazism?

“Their view; it is cosmic. Not of man here, a child there, but an abstraction: race, land. Volk. Land. Blut. Ehre. Not of honorable men but of Ehre itself, honor; the abstract is real, the actual is invisible to them. Die Gute, but not good men, this good man. It is their sense of space and time. They see through the here, the now, into the vast black deep beyond, the unchanging. And that is fatal to life. Because eventually there will be no life; there was once only the dust particles in space, the hot hydrogen gases, nothing more, and it will come again. This is an interval, ein Augenblick. The cosmic process is hurrying on, crushing life back into the granite and methane; the wheel turns for all life. It is all temporary. And they-these madmen-respond to the granite, the dust, the longing of the inanimate; they want to aid Nature.”

– Phillip K. Dick


New Nazism

The world is under a illusion that Nazism was beaten on May 8, 1945. That the war in Europe and the Pacific ended for the Axis powers of Japan, Italy and Germany.

There were seven other Axis states, and now two very important ones in Ukraine and Finland to emerge after the wars end.

Finland collaborated and were neck deep in an alliance with the Nazis against the Soviet Union from 1941-1944 in the “Continuation war”. Ukraine arose to power during and after Barbarossa. And those Nazis kept their heads down while under the Soviet regime. And then the Soviet Union collapsed. And a Nazi led coup has taken control of the Ukraine.

The Finnish collaborators of the war of continuation: Erik Heinrichs, one of the Royal Prussian Jaeger Battalion troops, a Knight of the Iron Cross. Aksel Fredrik Airo the unprofessional, and second in command to Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, military leaders to the ‘Whites’. The White Guard Organization, whose many where German trained Jägers. Karl Lennart Oesch another Nazi of the Royal Prussian 27th Jäger Battalion, a war criminal, the only one who was convicted of war crimes. And finally Risto Ryti, the fifth president of Finland, author who penned the “Ryti–Ribbentrop Agreement“, a personal letter of fealty to the führer to not seek a peace with Russia without Nazi approval, and he received military aid and collaborated fully with Hitler and the SS, and along with many of his general staff understood that the Nazi wished to exterminate the Russians and the Slavic races completely. And those roots are still deep within Finland and the North. The Fins and Nazis were easy allies…

Hitlerin vierailu Suomessa.

                Hitler, Ryti and Mannerheim

Risto Ryti a banker and elite who started the Continuation war and was a deep and highly active Freemason who studied theosophy and Rudolph Steiner’s nonsense ‘science of spiritualism’.

Another Aryan whack job that believed that they were some higher Aryan race of atheistic Übermensch. And that the Blut, Ehre was the religion of the fatherland, a mystical idea of a super race. 

And Finland actually honored this SOB with a Stamp.

But these Nordic nations have held deep ties to Nazism before and during and now, after the second world war.

And Nazism was not beaten and eradicated as it should have been, it remained and still remains. Because it is not what we have been taught to believe it is, it is another thing. It is not those SS storm-troopers out front; those robots with their slogans and tattoos in Ukraine. Their flags, and special military groups named after mystical beings or medieval warriors of long ago. In this case it is the second world war Nazi Battalions. And Ukraine is full of it as is Finland and the Nordic countries. Canada has one in its second in command, and the United States have a president and a congress that fawns on them.

A religion of scientism; perfection and a trans-human race of beings is what they are, above what they call us, the lower races, and of long ago days when they believe they made Atlantis, and no one gave it more comfort and help than the Anglo-American establishment. Of which, it infiltrated its membership and corrupted its role of just leadership — if there is such a thing, as having to bear responsibility for the damage it causes humanity in their seeking power and wealth and subjugation of the planet and their vision of a global future.

Nazism was always a dark tool of the elites. And the closest to their warped sense of privilege, manhood and intellectual being. Using their tattooed robots when needed, to do its dirty work. Like during Operation Gladio. A clandestine operation against the Soviet Union, that was formed after world war two to continue the fight that those who invented Nazism started long before its existence.

Gladio: the Brussels Treaty Organization (BTO) of France and the United Kingdom and the portmanteau of the countries of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, the Benelux… is the beginning of the European Union and its defense arm the Western Union Defense Organization (WUDO) soon would become NATO and that aligned itself to the CIA and western intelligence which brought the Nazis to the U.S and the west.

The CIA took hold along with hidden Nazis that seem to always remain and were never prosecuted during Nuremburg. Always allowed too, for one reason or another to slip past their coming to real justice. Blue Blood rich elites and their corporations and owners who seem to manage, to slip under a politically rock somewhere and hide for a while, only to reemerge.

Gladio was a stay behind operation after WWII, that watched and manipulated Europe after the war. The CIA dominated as America’s hegemony rose to its zenith in those post WWII years. The Cold War entrenched an idea of constant war, the ‘permanent war economy’ that would bring oceans of wealth and put the world into decades of fear of another world war that threatened to be the last one man would ever fight.

The CIA through Gladio and major operations over decades; funded terrorism and color revolutions, manipulated elections and governments of European nations. The Nordic countries were kept alert and on guard using their propagandized history as a tool.

Financial hit-men were brought in to convince nations to take huge IMF loans and institute, enrollment and their membership into a closed club of NATO which would become the military arm of the European Union and controlling the EU. And the greatest arms dealer and war manufacturer that has ever existed on planet earth. NATO is the ‘permanent war economy’.

A Nazi idea from its beginning to the present moment. Without a doubt NATO is the manufacture of war and war products. NATO is an industry. It works in part for the weapons industry. The military Industrial Complex. Which is like the Big Pharma cartel Operation ‘Warp Speed’ during Covid, and is now in their boon years with selling billions arms to Ukraine.

Hedge funds chase immense profit at the sake of human life. As weapons production is in high gear as new membership to NATO inspires Nordic countries to re-arm and invest billions into new jets and the military buildup.

Gladio from the gladius, the Roman short sword so vital to the rise of the Roman Empire. The Romans built their empire on the gladius. Nazis have always fashioned and inspired themselves as Romans.

Gladio supported clandestinely secret armies within Ukraine and Finland and other Nordic countries. Belligerents from the Continuation war, members of the general staff of officers of Finnish army hid weapons to arm some 35,000 fighters with some 10,000 involved in overall of this operation. And these were the leftovers form the Continuation war, Nazis through and through. Similar operations happened within Ukraine and the Baltic region.

In Spain and Italy others formed such organizations, weapons caches and organizations were found in the Netherlands and Norway. There isn’t a European country that is not affected by this mindset. The EU is the most corrupt ‘International Organization’ of western expansionism.

These groups were never called upon to fight a war against the USSR, it collapsed and rightly NATO should have dissolved as well. As Russia offered an open hand.

NATO created the cold war. A CIA document concluded that the cold war cost America some $4 trillion dollars, and that was old money.

Animus in consulendo liber”

— NATO’s Motto

‘A mind unfettered in deliberation’. Deliberation in what? The separation of Russia from the Russian people.

But their deliberate purpose wasn’t really defense as much as it was a war to conquer Russia for western corporations, an invite to another greedy feast for power and wealth the control of the Heartland of the world island and that Mackinder theory .

NATO did supply weapons and terrorists for various black operations and it’s expansion. They existed for decades, learning and financed by a CIA and other intel groups; black money and the annual dues in this special invite only club, that gained huge control over NATO’s mandate and the EU parliamentarians.

After the second world war America took in the scientists and the philosophers, the technicians and engineers. Paperclip, took in high ranking SS Nazi officers, corporate leaders of the time and nurtured the remnants of the high German establishment that was the supporting and financing systems that fuel that Hitler aggression. Hitler was not a singular individual any more than Joe Biden is the puppet of a shadow government run by WEF corporations and the deep state.

The corporations have always been the enemy. Knock down a puppet and another rises. The latest is Klaus Schwab in his fourth industrial revolution, a global reset with new narrative in hand and eyes upon an unexploited Russia..

They, the corporation supply both sides and favor the one that gains them most as they move towards the becoming the  Übermensch.

Hitler was a racist who hatred Russia and because Russia is a vast nation which Corporations have wanted to control. And that has coveted its resources for going on now a hundred years.

Hitler was inspired by them to attack it with the purpose of genocide from that high Nazi idealism. An Übermensch ideal.

America built its technological future on Nazi science, on Nazi engineering; the process of oil science is Nazi science; it built its intelligence organizations on the Gestapo and Nazi systems added by Allen Dulles and his Wall street connections.

Corporations were enabled to circumvent any ruling by the Nuremburg trials of any corporation that wished to do business with America. They simply rewrote International law when it suited them. They always have. This is a death cult of global proportions.

America built its space program on the work of Nazis, in particular, scientists like Wernher von Braun and the some 1600 scientists secreted into the United States after the war. Those scientists brought Nazi ideas of technology and engineering, and philosophy, the beginnings of what we have become.

Germany at the end of the second world war, and having caused the first world war, was forbidden to rearm. Forbidden to war again as Berlin was divided by the nations that conquered it. Reunification undid all that and only allowed those Nazis who for decades hid under the rocks to gain a new foothold in a united Germany again.

And now they build up arms and call Ukrainian Nazis to a proxy war for the present. Germany supplies missiles that will reach Russia. The old war is picked up again, with propaganda driving the Russophobia. Tanks with crosses again confront the Russian military.

Any nation that caused the suffering and struggle and pain that the two successive world wars caused, the tens of millions dead, should have been disbanded and never allowed to become a nation again, but it did and it has become the strongest nation in the EU, both economically and as a military, with the help of America and NATO and the UN and the corporation which favors fascism and the Nazi ideals which are at Germany’s heart. Germany has never rid itself of Nazism. Nazism is in the soul of the high German.

Sanctions are crippling a working class German people but Germany arms a Nazi force within the Ukraine regime to war against the Donbas and the Russian Federation.

Canada and the U.S. ignore the rising inflation and sanctions which only affect their people, but flood Ukraine with billions in weapons. But definitely no guns in hands of citizens in Canada and the US, but flood Ukraine with everything possible.

Germany still owes the world for it terrible and ugly past. It never did pay for the reparations of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler and world war two was the reneging an spoiler of that agreement. To see Germany rearm and create a billion euro special fund for making Germany Bundeswehr the strongest standing army in Europe is inviting German ideals of global domination.

Nazism is not completely German now as the United States and Canada has eclipsed politically anything Germany has done in the past. Canada takes away the right to dissent, censorship, and the ideas of the woke are Nazi in their origin. Fascism takes a hold of culture and imbues their consumer products with a politically ideology. Nazism rises from the clandestine in America and touches the old Nazism still alive and ever present in a Ukrainian regime.

America and the west is, the “New Nazism”.