Pierre Poilievre, a Curious Journalist and Trudy Zoolander…

The Canadian dollar has lost 94% of its value since 1942. Ninety-four percent! But then again, what has not lost its value since 1942. The world it seems was a better place; not so confused about its beliefs, or the direction that humanity was travelling. 1942 was the second world war and Canada along with the allied powers were fighting a great war in Europe against, you guessed it, Nazi Germany and that jack-booting and black uniformed clusterfuck of arrogant eugenicists. People of the world were joined in a common goal of helping to eradicate Nazism as a disease of the soul, a contagion of the human spirit and the sole belligerent to freedom and the democratic values of that day.

But back to the dollar which was worth a lot more in 1942 than it does today.

The Canadian government of that time supplied half the industrial war materiel it produced to Britain. And Britain could not pay for it all. Canada financed a high proportion of that effort. Britain lacked the gold and dollar reserves to pay for all this war material and Canada made a $1-Billion-dollar-gift to Britain (some $17.1 trillion in 2023 dollars) to help finance Britain’s war effort against the Nazis. That along with a $700 million interest free loan was depleted before the years’ end and was, succeeded by Mutual Aid.

The whole world was at war with the scourge of Germany, a country that has caused the two major world wars in the twentieth century. There was lot at stake, and Nazi Germany was the most serious threat to freedom the world had faced so far. Battlefield Europe was was being destroyed as the war raged on. Towns and cities, and their people, architectural works of art bombed and blitzed and burnt to ash. Millions of lives lost to the Nazi obsession of conquering Europe and ending Russia and what could be presumed to become global control if they succeeded…ancient cities were pounded to rubble.

In the end, these two grants, the gift of $1 Billion and the Mutual Aid totaled some $3 Billion Canadian. It was a very unpopular decision made by the government, and the view of the people within the country, giving this kind of money, a huge amount by world standards. And finally a change to the table of contents of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) enabled another $1 billion from Canada to train some 131,500 personnel.

This all was a major effort against an agreed upon enemy, the Nazis and axis powers of Italy and Japan who were both ruthless and cruel, determined and ultimately inhuman in their lust for global control. In Germany they were eugenics in action.

But that initial gift of $1 billion dollars was unprecedented and an extremely generous offering. In Quebec a population of some 3.3 million people in a country of 11 million, the gift, was politically unpopular, was considered ‘Perfidious Albion’, duplicitous infidelity. French and English Canada had always been at odds with each other right up until this day. They had warred against each other as France and England in the beginnings of the Nation of Canada.


A Canadian journalist, Yves Engler asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — who refused to answer and dodged the question as his security men, harassed and kept the man far from Trudeau, who happened to be smooching a girl and shaking hands with members of the crowd. The journalist asked repeatedly “How long Canada was going to support the NATO proxy war in Ukraine against Russia?”.

Yves Engler in his blog piece ‘Understanding the logic of Canada giving $2.26 billion in arms to Ukraine” states that, Canada has contributed some $2.26 Billion in arms, weapons and materiel to Ukraine in the past year. And that kind of donation is equivalent to the contribution made way back in 1942 to Britain in the second world war.

Are we in a world war? Is Canada at war? Is Russia now a lethal enemy that needs to be beaten in a war and defeated as a nation eliminated among the list of nations. Meanwhile our country goes on as usual, blind, dumb and deaf if one is to pay attention to the Liberal bought and paid for Legacy Media in Canada. Who maintain a steady state of limited hang-out, if any truth is told to the public at all.

When one looks at that massive expenditure of some $4.02 Billion in total to Ukraine, during a time when Canada’s inflationary rate is so high; down from 5.9% from the beginning of the year to 5.2% in February — that’s the highest it has been since 1991 when it was 6.9%. One would consider that the governments spending should cease, and inflation would stop rising. The borrowing from the Bank of Canada fueling that inflationary increase.

Covid’s destruction of the economy and employment down; the lockdowns and loss of freedom that the dictatorial Canadian government passed along to a depressed and suppressed Canadian tax payers.

Canada I would say is a socialist country now under the dictator Justin Trudeau and his other WEF stooges like Joly and the neo-Nazi Chrystia Freeland the deputy Prime minister of Canada. And now in this place where the population languishes, democracy as we’ve known it is gone now, the way of the dodo. Populism from now on in…


There has been no real opposition and Trudeau’s nemesis, Pierre Poilievre who has either lost his faith, or never had it to begin with has stated that, the EU response to Ukraine has always been weak. In Pierre Poilievre’s twitter, he pinned this statement on the anniversary of the start of SMO…

“One year ago today, Russian aggression took on a new form of evil with the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Throughout this war, we’ve seen the unshakeable resilience of the Ukrainian people. Canada must always stand for freedom & democracy in the face of evil tyrants.”

And here I foolishly paid $50 for Conservative memberships in support of Pierre Poilievre, who I voted for in the Conservative party election for party leader, I had doubts — it now appears he is a very stupid man, uninformed and ignorant of the Ukraine war waged against Russian ethnic people in the Donbass and Luhansk Oblast. Or is he purposely being quiet as it might pass, before the coming election and the vote for Prime Minister of Canada.

“I read a lot of history. It has taught me that any politician has to overcome difficult periods in order to achieve their goals.” — Pierre Poilievre

Poilievre statement seems ignorant of the past and the US coup in Ukraine of 2014. Ignorant and blind of the some 14,000 Russian ethnic people who have died up until the start of the Russian SMO (Special Military Operation) one year ago.

Collaborators are hanged, poisoned and some 14 village and town mayors have been assassinated, objective real journalism is harried and threatened and journalists put on a hit list. And so the SMO’s goal is to stop all this and demilitarize and de-Nazify the break away republics of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia oblasts. All freely having referendums and a vote and final joining the Russian Federation to escape the slow genocide by a Kyiv regime of neo-Nazis supported and funded by the US and the Straussians, Nuland and Blinken. And a Canadian Liberal government. The United States has spent some $5 Billion in Ukraine setting up for this very war. It has been in the works for a long time…

What I suspect is that it will be more of the same with Poilievre — three parties in Canada all of a different shade of red. Poilievre if voted in as Prime minister will be kowtowing to the PTB and becoming the lap dog of globalists and the elites of the WEF like his predecessor Justin Trudeau.

It is quite damming to find that there is no flow, no individualism, no vision, political leaders in the talent base, show that it is diluted down to populists who play to the mob, and bet on consensus, and stay away from the big issues.

Pierre Poilievre started well, but since his election as party leader it seems he is afraid to tell the truth, or maybe he does does not know it, or care to know as life become evermore superficial. He is sticking to the popular talking points and ignores true leadership, are there leaders with balls anymore or are they all afraid. He speaks about 35 year old’s living in mommy’s basement while linking that it to carbon taxes, yet believing in climate change caused by a gas that is 0.04% of the total atmosphere. He mimics the consensus. And as we can see in the latest chart Global Lower Atmosphere temperature is +0.08 degrees C above normal.


“If the carbon tax really was about saving the world, we would presume the largest industrial emitters of carbon would have to pay it.”

“Far from environmental prophet, he is a foreign oil profiteer. That is the inconvenient truth of Al Gore.”

— Pierre Poilievre

Hints at his true beliefs might be construed from what he states.

Poilievre became a populist around the time of the trucker convoy, using the ever famous Rahm Immanuel reprise “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that: it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”. He took advantage of every situation that he could to throw grief at the liberals and Justin Trudeau primarily. He plays to Trudeau rather than doing his own thing, he is the opposite side of the coin called Justin Trudeau as Trudeau it seems keeps him triggered when possible. And that is not a leader. Granted he is opposition but that stops at his coming up with better solutions to problems of government and Canada as a whole. He must invent a new kind of politics not seen before. Opposition is not just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. Canadians are tire of the same old parliamentary yelling matches trying to get Trudeau and his Liberals to answer a question without some deflection from it, or carelessly speaking about something else not relevant to the question. The question arises in me: Why do modern politicians all seem like little boys arguing compared to the men of politics in the past?

Populism is the new normal and politicians adhere to that along side of unity politics as a global control against nationalism. This is, the control for those that ‘penetrate cabinets’. Which is what the WEF (World Economic Forum) and Schwab wishes, to kill nationalism and promote populism. Populism fragments visionaries and makes them impotent. A Federal politician who cares about his own country and his own people first, is greatly needed. One who maintains and moves the world to peace before ever arming the war mongers; and that deals with the problems at home first before anything outside of his country is addressed. One who maintains and encourages nationalism and spits in the eye of the globalists. Following our southern neighbor into chaos and debt and a wrong war is tantamount to being a puppet to another’s cause rather than a leader with vision of his own country. Poilievre is not a street fighter, he is not a man to stand face to face with power and say loudly “No”. Poilievre is not the next leader of Canada, he is more of the same, just hating Trudeau, furthering division and the polarity that is its extreme.

Zelensky a clown king actor and US puppet dictator, for the Biden White House, NATO and the WEF. Volodymyr Zelensky is an Nazi owned by a Ukrainian oligarch and the United States. He is a program running an agenda for a powerful deep state — I find it strange how Zelensky grew up as a native Russian speaker and now attempts to eliminate everything Russian. Russian orthodox churches burn, street names and villages and town names change, monuments to the past, pulled down or topple and history is rewritten to suite the jester. The Russian language is outlawed and banned from public speech, anyone speaking it is abused and ridiculed and sometimes killed. Books burnt, and relationships denied because of country.

The men of Ukraine flee from military service against a enemy that is not their enemy. Mobilization steals inexperienced men and boys 16 to 60 of the streets of Ukraine to fight for Ukraine, those who cannot fight or do not want to fight, with limited and inferior training are used up front as cannon fodder for the Nazis hiding like cockroaches behind them. Men 16-60 are now banned from leaving the country of Ukraine. Surrender is punishable by death.

Zelensky and Ukraine play this game of nationalism for the world to see, propaganda and those that play the part of the concerned; Hollywood, musicians, politicians and writers and scholars, those of importance, influencers bought and paid for long ago, line up to pay homage to the jester and pledge their support for something most of them do not understand or care to understand. Zelensky the Nazi receives accolades form magazine covers to honorary degrees. Hollywood celebrates him and he is tik tokked to the highest level of popularity but he is fake and phony, a object owned by the billionaire Igor Kolomoisky and beneath it all is a dark Straussian agenda. He is the latest in a one-hundred-year war against Russia and the heartland of the World Island.