COVID MODELS, are far too skinny…

One of the most portent devices for propaganda; an instrument of technology that is in such a wide spread world audience use -- the cellphone, with some 7.621 billion people using 7.950 billion cellphones, This last year 1.64 million where sold. Cellphone users, alone and looking at their screens, add to this the multiples of computers and tablets and smart devices. They are technically awed by all this as a general rule of thumb, granted I am extrapolating, but bear with me, it is not the point. And more will become clear as I write. Many are convinced by what they see online and on these tiny screens. They are enthralled to say the least by the technological titillation, the drug like fixation with the operation of the little fondle slabs. This overt power to brag and manifest arrogance about the truthiness of what the device can bring, about what one knows or can know about the world we live in today. Is cruelly exploited. 

TECHNOCRACY: Introduction

***This will be an ongoing series of articles with the lead in the title of 'Technocracy' or 'Technocrat'. I may subtitle long pieces with part numbers, i.e Part 1, part2 etc... This is a very important subject in the understanding of where this world is being directed to, what appears on the surface, or is propagandized as altruism -- the care of everyone as in, "we are all in this together". Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a movement towards a global tyranny by Technocrats consolidating power and guided by an artificial intelligence, and the final death of the individual and the movement towards collectives of brainwashed androids all at the service of a global Technocracy ruled by elite Technocrats. ***


The mask, it feels so safe. But is it?

You put it on and out you go to the shop and interact
within the allowed, social, distance, as observed by law. Six feet the height of a man. Six feet the dept at which, one is buried.

A particle fluid dynamicist has suggested 27 feet apart, as particles that are emitted from the mouth can reach that distance in an easy breath out.

No one can see who you are, and it covers the mouth of others of which confrontation centers. Titillation is the mystery and for some, it is anonymity, touched with a bit of sexual fetish. Inviting and tempting, but yet warding off and away from the wearer.

To some, it is a symbol of complete covering, invisibility. They finally don't feel as naked anymore, as vulnerable as they did before...

China and Espionage: The brain drain of western institutions and the creation of new spies within…

The recent flurry of cases dealing with Chinese spying in Canada and the United States. Has piqued my interest, and what a rabbit hole.

The Huawei incident is dealing with technology using 5G that exploits backdoors in their phones, enabling them to be used in Chinese surveillance, both the US and Canada have created laws against Huawei technology  ...

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is like many Chinese corporations, associated and controlled by the the China's central government...

White America, Black America, the set-up, and the con

[I have been following Jon Rappoport's individual investigative journalism for well on a decade now if not more. I have both loved and hated what he has written and said in those years. But the thing that remains throughout his work, through all his work, is his stalwart support and encouragement of the individual human. Separate from all things, alone in birth and death, alone when he falls asleep and when he dreams and desires of his life. Today I was moved in his writing beyond anything he has written before and so I reblog his work here in full without edit or any censorship. This is dedicated to the individuals of the world.]

by Jon Rappoport

June 15, 2020

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Whether you believe in God the Creator or evolution or something else as the explanation for the human race, progress was meant to involve the individual coming out of the group and staking his claim to a life of his own making, according to his best vision of his greatest thoughts and values.

THIS was a struggle of blood and courage and intelligence for many centuries. THIS was the journey out of the caves and the clans and the brutal leaders and the mind control imposed from the top. THIS was where each one of us “came from,” that struggle.

And now, through every foul means available, elite controllers want to turn back the clock and take each one of us into the past...


From the research that used to be, until dragged down and sent down the memory hole -- Hydroxychloroquine was the godsend for COVID sufferers, but hell that cure won't work and the Lancet study said it caused heart problems until they redacted the whole paper. A little bird tells me these studies are bought and paid for by...the usual suspects, *wink wink*.

One needs a new very expensive thoroughly researched messenger RNA vaccine glowing a fluorescent blue as it is eased into your veins. Its RNA messenger code splices into your genetic makeup and implant itself in the library of you, and voila' you're body is a factory producing your own medicine. WOW...that's exactly what I want to be. A little medicine factory producing what? Forever. With my genetics all whacky now. I'll be glowing in the dark and want to hang around with bats...


Being autistic is a highly volatile condition to be involved with as a human -- of course involved would intend one's participation, willingly, intentionally. That is both wrong and right. I have no choice really in the matter. I am autistic, it is me. But then again I know who I am.  

Autism is difficult to describe from a personal point of view. From that deeply personal point of view. Some days its world ending and others it is magic; an affliction sometimes, a life-long confrontation with reality -- and if asked I would prefer not to have it -- and yet again, I absolutely cannot see myself in any other way, and being autistic and different is something I would miss if I was neuro-typical (whatever that terrible term means). I believe it has something to do with linear thinking. Convergent as opposed to divergent in the thinking process.

Study shows a threatened and shortened lifespan in most cases for those with autism -- ASD, Asperger's. That is a considerably shortened lifespan. And what I mean by that is, that the high functioning autistic adult is averaged at a lifespan of about 54 years old, forty years old if that autistic is unable to speak or communicate...

WHO (World Health Organization)

The WHO (World Health Organization) an extension of the UN (United Nations), a specialized agency of the UN, has been around since the original League of Nations the precursor of the modern UN. The WHO governing structure, its principled and the main objective is too, "the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health."

The WHO, has 194 member nations, and from those members it elects 34 members to an Executive Board, these are health specialists according to the WHO website. It relies on a budget of $5.5 Billion up from $4.2 Billion as of 2018, with recent contribution by individuals like Bill Gates and Bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation pushing that figure even higher. These 'health experts' inform the greater number of countries involved with WHO, of the needs of its member states...


by Michael Burns

The newsies and the match girls, and the breakerboys in back.

They toiled away their little lives to keep their mamma's happy.

Six days a week they left their youth inside the warmth you purchased, and easy reads from newsie feeds that salted your accounts...