Thousand Talents Plan: Part 1

Thousand Talents Plan: Part 1 Thousand Talents. It sounds so much like a part of some Chinese proverb in the saying of it, it might seem to allude to a reward you get in heaven if you're good, but in reality, the Thousand Talents Plan is a very dangerous, secretive and Chinese clandestine organization, a force to be reckoned with here in the free west. It is part of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) beta model of Global communism. Of the CCP and its constant exporting communism to the world. Walking hand in hand with the feel-good propaganda of Confucius Institutes which breaks western democracy down through soft power, and never allows the idea of a China that is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a cruel and inhuman totalitarian organization, that is run by dark and corrupted old men and some 92 million communist party officials and followers. That violates everything good and human to achieve material success, and will do anything to achieve that success and ultimate global dictatorship.

What do you think AI is all about?

Individual spirit -- they just don't get it. You speak about spirit as the real self, and you get that look from them that you get from your dog when your playing an harmonica. Spirit is about freedom, and freedom is not outside, I find it is inside me. And I have no idea why I keep forgetting that. Oh yeah... stimulus-response. And so the question came up the other day, from my friend Jon Rappoport. It was based around freedom and the loss of it. Now, I must say Jon is an excellent fellow and after reading him for decade or so, I am convinced now that I am not crazy, that the world that we live is a manufactured reality, that there is a massive industry that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year toils to came our minds enslaved...