In the last few days I have been concerned with conspiracies and the idea of conspiracy of thinking. It is something that I have been writing about in another extensive piece on China.Without consciously realizing that; it was not the focus of the writing, it was running under the surface of piece and now I consider it a impart part of the whole, deserving its own study.

Conspiracies theories are a favored weapon of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in this time of open Internet in the west.

A world and world powers using the idea of the conspiracy theorist as a tool to forward their ideas and subversion of an enemy state is a potent motor of propaganda; mis/disinformation.

SHRINKING LIPS & MOUTHS: COVID masks and their price. An indepth study…

It seems that after a period of five months of wearing masks, they are having a detrimental effect on users, on our voices and the shape and size of our mouths and lips.

Our mouths are shrinking and this is mainly in the region of our lips. In a new study funded by three International organizations dealing with the ears, nose, throat and mouth. Our mouths do not like to be covered and should not be covered continually. Open and uncovered faces are needed for a more normal mouth and lip sizes, along with robust mouths, lips and healthier lungs.

Disorders that were extremely rare before COVID-1984 are now jumping to the forefront of medical disorder and disease. Shrinking Lip Syndrome (SLS) has gone up some 15,000% in a matter of five months in the world. Oral Cavity Collapse (OCC) has skyrocketed. Everything from tooth loss and tooth color dulling. Tongue atrophy and fasciculation is epidemic in some places and has risen some 1400% worldwide.


The mask, it feels so safe. But is it?

You put it on and out you go to the shop and interact
within the allowed, social, distance, as observed by law. Six feet the height of a man. Six feet the dept at which, one is buried.

A particle fluid dynamicist has suggested 27 feet apart, as particles that are emitted from the mouth can reach that distance in an easy breath out.

No one can see who you are, and it covers the mouth of others of which confrontation centers. Titillation is the mystery and for some, it is anonymity, touched with a bit of sexual fetish. Inviting and tempting, but yet warding off and away from the wearer.

To some, it is a symbol of complete covering, invisibility. They finally don't feel as naked anymore, as vulnerable as they did before...


Rushed in wet wool, mad mud underfoot...
Left the house at three, it was dark and I was heart-dipped in honey
Courage and other belongings stuffed in an old pillowcase,
my mother's swollen eyes and her smothered kisses

It is the sickness that is the worse for me, moving always moving
I drown in this smell, of vomit and the urine.
I am so afraid...I have never been this afraid

I tremble and am banged about the broken world outside of me
It is always the same

POEM: The Convent Burned down last night.

The convent burned down last night. It's end had already started with collapse, in forgotten areas of the building... and waterlogged ceiling, and weakening sections of the roof. Caved to slowed fall. Wallpaper peeled as like old skin -- walls were surrendering to age and the mold. The ghostly revenants that occupied it for the many decades were forced to ascend and reach for heaven's gate. I stepped on careful legs, bearing witness of its dying. Parts gave up, like vital organs surrendering to exhaustion...


A thousand years inside a stone, at the bottom of a frozen...lake.

Glacier slow the earth reactors warmed it,

the sun dried up the lake.

New green showed it's tender leaves.

And crowding in around, and thought it theirs.


Years flicker in time, like bubbles in clear glass.

Images from one brief life, onto the next.

I've lived a life of just one day and lived also a hundred years...


... I have reached a measure of greater understanding of who I am, and am proud of my abilities, the skills and talents I have had to achieve just to remain off the street and not a homeless man. To have taken advantage fully of the many gifts personally, but have not achieved the success in those that I should have had, all those that were given, along with the emotional baggage and emotional immaturity and insecurity and weirdness sometimes that I can be. I am a greater artist even though, condition stopped me from painting. I have made many inroads into music and my guitar and carpentry and working with my hands; my writing of poetry and storytelling which has helped me to develop a way into my own mind and find out where I falter with language. I am an obsessive dictionary reader, always unsure of my use of the language...


Being autistic is a highly volatile condition to be involved with as a human -- of course involved would intend one's participation, willingly, intentionally. That is both wrong and right. I have no choice really in the matter. I am autistic, it is me. But then again I know who I am.  

Autism is difficult to describe from a personal point of view. From that deeply personal point of view. Some days its world ending and others it is magic; an affliction sometimes, a life-long confrontation with reality -- and if asked I would prefer not to have it -- and yet again, I absolutely cannot see myself in any other way, and being autistic and different is something I would miss if I was neuro-typical (whatever that terrible term means). I believe it has something to do with linear thinking. Convergent as opposed to divergent in the thinking process.

Study shows a threatened and shortened lifespan in most cases for those with autism -- ASD, Asperger's. That is a considerably shortened lifespan. And what I mean by that is, that the high functioning autistic adult is averaged at a lifespan of about 54 years old, forty years old if that autistic is unable to speak or communicate...


by Michael Burns

The newsies and the match girls, and the breakerboys in back.

They toiled away their little lives to keep their mamma's happy.

Six days a week they left their youth inside the warmth you purchased, and easy reads from newsie feeds that salted your accounts...