Culture of Denial…proxy liars, and the wool that’s covering your eyes.

Culture of Denial...proxy liars and, COVID on a baloney sandwich with extra mustard. Have you noticed their is a culture of denial going on around you, and unwillingness to face the truth, the lie of the mask and the proxy liars all around you compliant in that lie -- it is like yellow stars are being put on people. I'm am sure those in control of this know of this cognitive dissonance of entire populations of people, seeing the content of the situation, the facts are there to bare witness to what actually is going on, but the pod people and political talking keeps yakking on about new and improved methods to fight the imagined. There is some virus out there that was created or we caught of a windows operating system..

WHO (World Health Organization)

The WHO (World Health Organization) an extension of the UN (United Nations), a specialized agency of the UN, has been around since the original League of Nations the precursor of the modern UN. The WHO governing structure, its principled and the main objective is too, "the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health."

The WHO, has 194 member nations, and from those members it elects 34 members to an Executive Board, these are health specialists according to the WHO website. It relies on a budget of $5.5 Billion up from $4.2 Billion as of 2018, with recent contribution by individuals like Bill Gates and Bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation pushing that figure even higher. These 'health experts' inform the greater number of countries involved with WHO, of the needs of its member states...