The Collapse of Empire and the ‘dick’ removal business.

"Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls. Who do boys like they're girls, who do girls like they're boys. Always should be someone you really love." - Blur The signs are everywhere. Written on walls by youth. Singers and playwrights warp the scenes to incorporate its passing. Its that beast that slouches. We are in a free fall. I am a fan of history, or I should say, I like stories about history, I like the narratives. And one I read recently reminded me of the process of the 'fall of civilizations', the process of that demise in a few generations.

Propaganda and the “Great Narrative” or, “How the future doesn’t need us”

Do you have the time. Are you patient enough to read and take this all in; are you focused enough? Your attention span how far will it go here without ditching what is being said to you for another idea that is crowding your consciousness for your immediate attention. Some ephemeral bullshit of what's important today. The Dutch farmers, or Ukraine and the Nazis. Biden asking what shoes he is supposed to wear today...