We are now in the realm of identifying, coding and the invention of vaccines that are inserting foreign mRNA into humans and producing vast amounts of transhumanist vaccines for a new normal. At a tremendous speed. Normally vaccine research could and usually took 18 months to sometimes two years of research. President Donald Trump introduced operation Warp Speed on April 2020 to... "The idea for Operation Warp Speed was introduced in early April 2020.[2][3][4] Operation Warp Speed will promote mass production of multiple vaccines based on preliminary evidence allowing for faster distribution if clinical trials confirm one of the vaccines is safe and effective. The plan anticipates that some of these vaccines will not prove safe or effective, making the program more costly than typical vaccine development, but potentially leading to the availability of a viable vaccine several months earlier than typical timelines."


From the research that used to be, until dragged down and sent down the memory hole -- Hydroxychloroquine was the godsend for COVID sufferers, but hell that cure won't work and the Lancet study said it caused heart problems until they redacted the whole paper. A little bird tells me these studies are bought and paid for by...the usual suspects, *wink wink*. One needs a new very expensive thoroughly researched messenger RNA vaccine glowing a fluorescent blue as it is eased into your veins. Its RNA messenger code splices into your genetic makeup and implant itself in the library of you, and voila' you're body is a factory producing your own medicine. WOW...that's exactly what I want to be. A little medicine factory producing what? Forever. With my genetics all whacky now. I'll be glowing in the dark and want to hang around with bats...