Nord Stream 2: The pipeline that was never going to be…

"There will be no longer, a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it." "We will ah, I promise you, we'll be able to do it." --Joe Biden ~~~~*~~~~ The timing of Joe Biden's sober statement, of February 7, 2022, couldn't have been better, "If Russia invades uh, that means tanks and troops crossing the uh, the border of Ukraine, again. Then uh, there will be uh, we there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2, we will bring an end to it." Direct to the point and with no side step of the chosen words, no uncle Joe, or "when I was a lad" intros to a long winded story about his past, no, directed like a guided missile " [...] we will bring an end to it!"...

Surveillance Balloons?

Seems the Chinese have a new surveillance weapon in their, arsenal of surveillance weapons, and they have many. Now among the myriads of cameras, and tracking devices. And they have hundreds of thousands if not millions of cameras in China. Chongqing, a city in China that has existed since 316 BC, has some 2.6 million cameras. They are the most surveilled city in the world. Advanced facial recognition assists this massive endeavor, and computers monitor that vast amount of data...

Manufacturing Trust

"Trust is a currency!" *** In the opening of the WEF 2023, Crystal Awards Ceremony 2023 Klaus Schwab, the WEF chief, entered onto the stage and in his opening address paused and looked out to the audience. Stimulating curiosity, simulating concern maybe, and stating in the opening to the awards ceremony,

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a psychologist. And by their nature they seek middle ground. It doesn't exist anymore, but they still strive for it. Peterson is one the Dark Web personalities, that came to celebrity and aimed to be the neutralizing factor in the beginning and ongoing cultural war. And for that fact, world war for your mind. He was looking for the classic liberal stand point?...

Covid something…or, first Thursday of the new year of 2023?

The new puppy is gone today, gone to work with my wife. I have a moment to reflect and think about what is ahead and behind as the new year starts. I've been preoccupied with precious Finley. Its a find name for a little dog, it means dragon slayer, fierce fighter in the old Irish. Of course I think I'm the only one left, the place is itchy and infested with Euro-trash and Wokesters..

‘Post Truth Politics’ and the creators of reality.

“If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.” ― Hunter S. Thompson Who has been running the world? Who is running reality? Reality? In the last 59 years, at least. Has been running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Its a machine, An industrial technical electronic machine. Now becoming highly digital. I know this all was going on during the world wars, and rich individuals have owned newspaper empires etc. in the past... But I mean now. Who is running reality now?

Canada’s Liberals giving away money; $115 million they don’t have, to repair Kyiv’s power grid, increasing the numbers in ‘Energy Poverty’…

“Putin and his henchmen are war criminals, and they are attempting to use the cold as a weapon to break the spirit of the remarkable people of Ukraine. They will not succeed, and this support will help ensure that Ukraine can secure its energy infrastructure and make it through the difficult winter to come.”

-- Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

But that's not true is it?
That is an outright and bald-faced lie by the deputy prime minister!
That is the worst of lies because of Freeland's support for neo-Nazis in Ukraine; her outright support for the Bandera Movement in Ukraine and her grandfather's Nazi past...

Douglas Murray batting for NATO; the Clown King Zelenskyy; and a Missile…WWIII and the Dark Web actors.

I was eager to write this piece as it was something that truly annoyed me, and intellectually inspired me in the same vein. I was both disappointed and a bit confused and frustrated about its subject: Douglas Murray, Zelenskyy and that fucking missile that could have started the world on fire. I mean seriously. A possible Archduke Franz Ferdinand kind of moment. The confusion is what enabled the writing of the first words. I am still trying to sort it out?