Pneumonia, Influenza and COVID (PIC) conflation of the numbers is weaponized medicine.

Justin Trudeau Canada’s preaches for the Great Reset forming a new trading bloc with the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. A pillar of Commonwealth Nations in the image of the WEF (world Economic Forum). The Great Reset, and the World Economic Forum is the main issue and not a phantom virus. The virus is a politicized medical idea, a weaponized idea, that if looked at through clear eyes and an unbiased mind will show the errors of those who purport it to be a possible world ending event. The reverse is happening, it is being used to undermine your faith in life and living. Life has always been about risks and risk taking. It was never meant even the time before all this nonsense, to be lived in a cave hiding, or presently locked up in your house wearing a mask in the shower. teaching your children the fears of physical contact, and obsessive notions of hand cleaning and mask wearing...

What happened to the seasonal flu, the numbers for 20/21 drop as COVID-1984 numbers rise. Or, why are poor India villagers not dying of COVID?… They don’t have TV’s.

So… so you think you tell, heaven from hell, blue sky from rain. COVID from the seasonal flu or COVID is the seasonal flu. Or COVID is an World Economic Forum mind fuck to implement a ‘Great Reset’ to… Steal all your wealth and private property; lock you down forever and enact a technocracy of scientists, engineers and technologists and big tech entrepreneurs and a WEF selectness of Young Global Leaders for global government and corporate and Institutional positions who presently hold or working for political of corporate offices of such ideal or are instilled in shadow government cabinets all over the world.